⚰ Death

:coffin: Death


Glynn Edwards, better known as “Dave from The Winchester” in Minder, has called time. 87.




Has one of the Stranglers died? (would be ironic) :lou_surprised:


Hopefully not.

Dave was a hero of mine.

perhaps I should have said that but also posted this:


OMG the lip synching and fake instrument playing on that is terrible!!

I really enjoyed that song but you have just ruined it for me, hope you’re happy now…


He also appeared in Get Carter.


It’s deliberate - the Stranglers taking the piss, playing up to the fact that they weren’t playing live but were meant to at least try to look as if they were.They decided not to.


Mission accomplished



Chef Anthony Bourdain has cooked his last goose …


Shame. His books are a great read.


Another suicide as well.

People should be able get help more easily/openly




He lived an eventful life. Talented chef and writer. and really down to earth and honest guy. Probably more famous in the US I would say. If you can watch “No Reservations”. Ran for 10 years and he travelled the world, dining in different places. I’m not doing it any justice really, his personality drove the show.

Second person this week, who everyone assumed was happy and successful to take their own life :slight_frown:


I liked him and his style, I am sad he’s gone and feel for his family.


I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of the chef or the fashion designer but I’ll be properly pissed off if Rick Stein tops himself.


If you’ve ever had to pay £12 for average fish and chips in Padstow, you’ll want to string the smarmy cunt up to be fair


You’ve crossed a line tonight. You don’t ever call Rick a cunt and he’s not smarmy. You’re a cunt. And you know fuck all about shellfish.


Easy to say mate, Stein has an friendly tv persona. Those of us in the South West know the truth


Ha! Bristol is nowhere near Padstow, don’t try and be part of the SW crew. I’ve been to Padstow many times and once I even saw Rick. He was walking. And I could tell from that one moment that he is not a smarmy cunt.