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:coffin: Death


So here is a Tim whatever thing

Aka Avicii.

This lass is 14 years old ffs what a voice.



A friend recommended Frightened Rabbit to me. Saw them at Soton uni and only saw Scott play solo at Frank Turner’s Lost Evening last year. Tonight we are heading to the first night of Lost Evenings where I am sure Scott will be remembered.


I could have written that myself as a friend recommended them to me too.

I saw he was missing but hadn’t realised they’d found a body.

A terrible waste. Hope he’s found some sort of peace and that those he’s left behind are not too scarred.

This seems apt.


Bob bowed out 37 years ago today :lou_sad:


Old school politician gone


Lois Lane is dead! (Margot Kidder)


Very sad to hear about the death of Glenn Branca, one of the greats of New York art music and a massive influence on post-punk and Sonic Youth in particular.

And now this, which is nothing short of tragic: http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/16227085.Former_Aston_Villa_and_Bolton_defender_Jlloyd_Samuel_dies_aged_37_in_car_crash/


And now World Cup winner, Ray Wilson: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44140722

BTW Bletch, I presume your down vote was for the news and not for me personally?


Sorry mate, I have no recollection of even voting.

Definitely no downvote intended.


Philip Roth, the American author who supposedly caught the zeitgeist back in the mid-20th century.

I have to admit that I’ve never read any of his books and have rarely felt the need to do so. I’ve never read a John Updike book either, although I have read a couple of Saul Bellow novels. Given I would regard myself as a pretty well-read individual, I wonder how widely read Roth is outside the US.


I’ve read a few of his - Portnoy’s Complaint is brilliant but none of the other ones was anywhere near as good.


I’ve read some Roth and it’s pretty entertaining. But Updike is (was) brilliant. The Rabbit series has got a lot to say that’s still painfully relevant to current American society, and he tells a good yarn with it.


I was thinking of reading some Roth, prompted by his demise (and probably will) but I’ve heard and been meaning to get hold of Updike’s Rabbit series and, on your recommendation, I’ll do this.


Back in 1982, on a tortuous flight to Australia,I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Great American Novel. About the worst ever baseball team during WW2 and a communist takeover.


Brendan Ingle has died, one of the great boxing coaches of his time. Even non-boxing fans will have heard of Prince Naz and recognise he had a style unique to that gym.


Peter Stringfellow has closed the doors to his nightclub.


And Denman (the horse) is going to be made into glue…


RIP Teddy Johnson aged 98.

For those of you too young to remember the 1959 Eurvision Song Contest here’s a heads-up on the SENSATIONAL second place song of Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson…ground breaking avant garde stuff…


Mary Wilson, the widow of former prime minister Harold Wilson, has died at the age of 102. Good innings.