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Yes he would. But he lived in an era when drink driving was something a great many people did, especially footballers. In the 70’sand 80’s it wasn’t a big deal for the members of the public. I am not saying it wasn’t wrong. I did it myself though as did all of my mates. It doesn’t make him a bad human being.


He had at least 2 convictions for drink driving. Most recently a year ago.


He’d did. And for the other points, that’s no doubt true. The poin t is that drinking and driving isn’t and was never clever. Am only saying it from someone who has seek a family devastated by it. Made worse by the fact I also knew the driver.


seek = seen btw


The Crafty Cockney Takes His Final Bow at 60.

RIP Eric Bristow. :lou_sad:

Edit: Opps bit late to the show.


Again, I am not condoning drinking and driving but also again, there was a big drinking culture amongst footballers in the 60s 70s and 80s which led to many of the players having alchohol problems later when they hung up their boots. He was very open about his battle with alcoholism. It can’t be much fun. Look what it did to George Best. Jimmy Greaves suffered with it. It could well have prompted Wilkins’ early demise. Any form of addiction is not healthy but it doesn’t make someone a bad person.


Dale Winton … just 62 !


Dale Winton has pushed his last shopping trolly, painted himself orange for the last time and is no longer in it to win it.




I feel bad for never having heard of him. Was he any good?


Just read a bit of the back story.

Obviously a shock to everyone he was even in Oman, but had health issues for some time.

And yes Dinger he had some great dance tracks and mates who saw him live loved him


Well I’m sorry to hear that. I hope I didn’t sound flippant. Usually in touch with music, but this guy had passed me by. x


No worries Dinger.

We’ll wake you up when it’s all over


Please add me to the list Phil.

RIP Nipper…shitty age to have life cut short. :lou_sad:


I’d never heard of him either. Just read that he earned $250,000 a night on tour. That’s a lot of cabbage for spinning records.


Did he do weddings?


I DJed a wedding once. Got paid in beer. I feel now that I might have been short-changed.


Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies has passed away.