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“Did you hear that Ken Dodd died?”

“Did 'e?”

“No, Doddy!”


On the demise of Ken Dodd

“On Friday, he had married Anne Jones, his partner of 40 years”

Dodging tax right to the end, I see.

[Courtesy of Mrs BS]


Hubert de Givenchy, founder of the fashion house of the same name, has popped his exquisite designer clogs at the age of 91. Among other things, he designed many of the clohes worn by Audrey Hepburn in her films, including the definitive little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Flags flown at half mast in Liverpool town hall today. I know Knotty Ash very well. Both my girls went to school there.

There’s a good statue of Ken in Lime Street greeting every visitor. He won’t be quickly forgotten.


Steven Hawking R.I.P.

in 1963 he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and given 2 years to live!


The "Einstein of our era.

RIP Stephen Hawking


I’d just like to say…who the fuck is that…and why does he have a large doner kebab in his hand?


Sad news about Hawking rip. In many ways he was dealt a terrible hand in life, and so early as well, but he overcome it all and went on to crush quite a respectable amount of puss. Inspiration!


If there is life after death, you would expect his spirit to find a way to communicate with us. It should be easier for him on the Other Side. RIP



RIP Stephen Hawking

There won’t be a stairway to heaven.


There could be a Stannah way to heaven for him though?


You get nothing in this game for two in the dead.

Or something. Doesn’t really work.

Anyhow, Jim Bowen’s gone.


I get the feeling that the Govt are popping off aged celebrities to bury the news about them dropping a bollock over the nerve agent fiasco (& Brexit obvs).

Which well known celebrity will be next…?





A truly great scientist and a truly remarkable human being.


About 20 years ago I was on holiday with the family in Centre Parcs. I went off to get some provisions one morning only to be passed the other way by Stephen Hawking rumbling along on his own in his wheelchair. Surreal.


I met Jim Bowen once. He did a ‘turn’ one evening at a tech conference I was at.

Afterwards, he took himself off to a corner whilst we all got pissed. I went over to chat to him with some colleagues and he was a grumpy cunt (and very drunk iirc - well one of us was).

I remember trying to chat with him but he wasn’t interested (I get that a lot) and when I asked him if he had any interesting anecdotes from Bullseye he said "not really, it was just a job*.

Once his ‘act’ had finished he seemed ill at ease in his skin.

Super. Smashing. Dead.



Steven Bochco, creator of the iconic TV cop series Hill Street Blues, has died at the age of 74.