⚰ Death

:coffin: Death


Former Sunderland, Celtic and Man Utd player, Liam Miller dies of pancreatic cancer at the age of 36. What a shit age to go.


Preacher Billy Graham LBW bowled Satan 99

you might have thought the lord almighty might have granted him a century?


Prize the Lard, as Billy Graham used to put it.


Emma Chambers, the dippy blonde lady from Vicar of Dibley, has died of natural causes at just 53. Very sad. RIP


Stephen Lewis “ Blakey “ from on the Buses and Smiler from Last of the Summer wine has gone to the Depot in the sky.


He got the earlier bus @philippinesaint


Maybe Duturte has taken control of tinternet in Philippines and put us back 3 years

But Idefinetely read it on the BBC this morning.


Speechless @philippinesaint ??


Maybe you were a test subject?


UAE reveals time machine that will take you into the future


Not at all @btripz was trying to find the page I was reading earlier but it appears to have been hidden.


I may have had too much Vodka but still stand by my earlier statement that I read it this morning.

I appologise to all that are remourning somebody long in the box.


Boxer Scott Westgarth died this morning. He collapsed shortly after winning his fight at the weekend.



RIP Sir Roger Bannister. Passed away aged 88


I shouldn’t, but…


Oh captain, my captain. Why did you not come down to have breakfast with us all? Why did you not pick up your shoes from outside of Marco (Sportiello)’s room and then drink your orange juice, as usual?

Now they’ll tell us that life goes on, that we must look forward and pick ourselves up, but what will your absence taste like? Who will arrive every morning in the cafeteria, warming up everyone with his smile?

Who will ask us about what we did the previous night and have a laugh about it? Who will nurture the youngsters and give a sense of responsibility to the veterans? Who will form the circle to work on our ‘two-touch play’ and who will demolish Marco on the PlayStation?

With whom will we debate about Masterchef, Florence’s restaurants, TV series or games played? Who will I lean on at lunch after a tiring training session? Come on, come back. You still need to finish watching LaLaLand to analyse like you did with all new movies

Come back to Florence, they’re waiting for you to renew your contract and acknowledge all the good and the positivity that you bring to us on a daily basis. Get out of that damn room, we’ll be waiting for you tomorrow at training

In life there are people you’ve known forever but have never bonded with, and then there are the ‘Davides’, who warm to you immediately with a simple ‘Welcome to Florence, Ricky’

Wherever you are now, keep on defending our goal and enlighten the right path for us from the backline. Oh captain, my captain. Forever, my captain. 💜

I’m not crying, there’s just something in my eye, and my hayfever is playing up…


Rik Mayall would have been 60 yesterday. Here is a response he sent to somebody requesting a signed photo…


Farewell to Ken Dodd aged 90.

Such a mixed up soul and from “that” era.

Some of his material (The Diddymen) was beyond horrificly cringe worthy. His Tax Evasion and other stuff meant his legacy will be messed up.

However, like Tommy Cooper, on his day he was funny. Barking mad in probably many ways but funny

“How do you make a blonde laugh on a Sunday? Tell her a joke on a Wednesday.”


My wifes ex mother in law is the spitting image of Ken Dodd

Which gave me great amusement when I met her at the daughters wedding


I surprised there is not post from Barry bemoaning the death of the club, the death of passion, the death of the heart of a mouse etc etc