⚰ Death

:coffin: Death


They were. I think it was an old law or Charter or something that JP had to play at least one Fall track per programme.


Ahh, fuck.

Life’s a cunt.

Take this establishment.

and this

and some of this


and this

and this


and this

and this


And a little more accessible (but shitter)…



Never a big fan but a total original…RIP Mark E http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b052r0l5


I’ve never listened to very much, but I did have the Birmingham School Of Business School one on my ipod at one point. I was quite fond of it! It sounded like a band had dragged a tramp off the street, made him neck a whole bottle of vodka, and then shoved him in the vocal booth.


Frank Skinner, who was a huge fan, likened him to “The man shouting from a prison window”.

I liked some of their stuff,‘Container Drivers’ was a great song i thought. Described by somebody as ‘fucked up country and western’.


Fuckin ell, Ursula Le Guin and Mark E Smith were two of my biggest cultural heroes. Both gone in a couple of days.

My plan to read Le Guin all day has been usurped by a desire to listen to The Fall all day.


Everytime a game changer like Mark E Smith falls it reminds me how bland today’s music ‘stars’ are.

Sad news!



That is what I call persistent grooming!

Too soon?


Nah, certainly not. It’s exactly the sort of thing Mark E himself would have said. And then ripped into anyone who suggested it was too soon.

Some great stories coming out about him. my favourite so far is that the rider for the Fall when they did ‘Later’ stipulated that on no account was Jools Holland allowed to play boogie woogie piano anywhere near The Fall.


As much as it would be great if this was a true story, unfortunatley I believe it’s a Stewart Lee routine!


and on the second day @gwc started crushing hearts…


@btripz Soz.


Areola Grandee - found dead in the Sotonians transfer house saga - head up his own arse or soemthing like that, naked by the pool. They think it might be murder. Rips Grandee - you wont be missed but you gave us a laugh now and again - at you that is - was abit of waffling cunt mind…


Sad day…I think you’re going to miss her more than most. :lou_wink_2:


Is this the build up to the new name thread?

I think Dr who for the next one as you have been regenerated nearly as many times now and could be a girly to boot.


IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad has died aged 91. They were going to bury him in a flat packed coffin but were unable to do so as the lid and 6 screws were missing.