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During the same interview, Lavender cleared up a longstanding mystery from the show. When he had asked David Croft, one of the show’s creators, if Uncle Arthur was Pike’s father, Lavender was told: “Of course.” Speaking in 2014, he said: “I never knew until then. I just said the lines.”

How will he get in the pearly gates without telling his name ?

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They took away my breakaway

Seems there’s a run on them in my local Sainsbury’s today

They’re stocked on the bottom shelf where nobody ever buys anything from.

Nostalgia’s a powerful sales tool I guess.

Another elite athlete


No more Steve Wright in the afternoon

Oh that’s sad, I used to love Mr Angry

Gutted. Big fan

Recently suffered my second big bereavement. My uncle Jimi (Kazi) passed away last week. He was only 57 when he died - he and I were only nine years apart. He was a pretty good footballer as it goes, but got banned for life for decking a ref :slight_smile:



Mike Procter, the great South African cricketer who was a legend at Gloucestershire has died aged 77. He was a genuine all rounder who deserves his place with the likes of his contemporaries, Sobers, Botham, Imran Khan and Kapil Dev. I was lucky enough to see him play a few times live, at Canterbury mostly but I also remember seeing him play against Hampshire at the old county ground at Northlands Rd. He was a genuinely fast and hostile bowler, who came charging in at full speed and was a whirl of arms and legs when he reached the crease, it must have been an intimidating sight to the batsman on strike. No mean batsman either, 22,000 first class runs at an average of 36, which included four hat tricks, six consecutive first class hundreds, 1,417 wickets at an average of 19.45. He only played seven tests for SA because of the apartheid ban, all seven were against Australia who were probably the best side in the world at the time, he took 41 wickets. He was some player. Like his contemporary, the great Barry Richards he must have been frustrated about the apartheid ban but he was clearly a decent man and understood why it had to be. After he retired, when asked about this he would say, " What is a Test career compared to the great suffering of 40 million people?" RIP Mike Procter.

He had a really odd bowling action - bowled off the wrong foot. Should not have worked but it did.


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