Day 23 in the Chinese laundry washing money house

Day 23 in the Chinese laundry washing money house





They no longer serve Bovril.

They’e replaced it with OXO.


Barry, are you suggesting that our owners are criminals? Specifically money launderers? If so, can you back that up?


Nah, until CB and DP turned up it was a comment on his own thread…


Naa Bazza suggests nothing…he’s sure. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


I don’t think asian crime syndicates use the PL to rinse their blood money anymore. That’s what Bitcoin is for.


Tax avoidance, corruption charges, initially blocked from buying the club, Liebherr having tax liability charges, yes all rosy.


That is so last week Bear.


Have you heard of the phrase “innocent until found guilty?” Gao appears to have passed the test as a fit and proper owner. If you have any evidence to the contrary I suggest that you pass it on the the authorities.


Well we’re the 18th richest club in the World and we’ve spend fuck all in the transfer window, send that up the line son could you?


I wondered how long it would take you to roll this one out. How does it change anything? Do you honestly think that all of the agents are on the phone to their clients this morning saying you had better sign for Saints, they are the 18th richest club in the world dontcha know.


Pretty sure I read he was found guilty of something dodgy in China but got away with it by turning snitch.

And I think everyone knows that he passed the fit and proper persons test owing to the shitness of the test rather than the purity of his character.


So you agree that we are a well run club and not being asset stripped? That’s quite the u-turn Baz :lou_wink_2:


Dont encourage him Os!!!


I agree that the so called fit and proper person test is a bit of a joke. The source of Abramovich’s billions is extremely questionable to say the least, likewise Thakin Shinawatra when he purchased Man City. The cynic in me thinks that the test only consists of two questions.

  1. Do you have lots of money?

  2. Can we have some of it?



Already put on the “proper” transfer thread,

That’s the trouble when you get these spin-offs people get confused about the main characters…


No, if we didn’t get the TV money we wouldn’t be the 18th richest club in England, that can change quickly, we won’t be in the top 20 next time, Bournemouth in there sort of makes my point.


I think it’s important not to jump on things Baz says just because Baz says them. There’s no need to shoot down everything he contributes, just the stuff that’s completely factually incorrect or demonstrably ridiculous (like, 90% of it)!


we might if it included income from player sales, but I suspect it Does Not.