David Bowie has died

According to reports - after an 18 month battle with cancer.


First thing I heard this morning; juvenile unit #2 informed me. Listened to his seventies stuff later in life. Most people my age will remember his turn in the Labyrinth too. Didn’t really enjoy the music he did after the 70s to the same degree, but nevertheless, the bloke was a giant in the music world.

Sad times.


Sad news.

A song that resonated with me during a particular point in my life


Wow i’m genuinely shocked. I didn’t know about his illness and was watching his new video for Lazurus yesterday. It’s pretty dark and features Bowie in bandages on a hospital bed. Makes sense now sadly. I guess the title does too.


:lou_sad: Everyone downvote this sad news pls

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Very sad news, a musical behemoth. RIP Ziggy.


Not a massive fan, but my god what a talent, I mean genius, always pushing the boundaries and what a voice.

He will be a huge loss for music!

The Starman, indeed.


One of my greatest regrets is not seeing him Live in Concert. He was my favourite artist in my formative teenage years in the 70’s. The Alladin Sane, Ziggy Stardust, Diamond Dogs era were for my mind his best. I missed out on seeing him on his last ever “Greatest Hits” Tour in the 90’s (?) at Maine Road by 2 days because I couldn’t extend my leave. So near and yet so far.

Thank you for all the enjoyment your music has given me and Billions of others over the years and will continue to do so.

The only good thing to come out of this hopefully is that that twat Bieber will be knocked off the top 3 positions in the charts!!

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Loved much of his early music and heroes in one of my favourite all time records. Thought some of his stuff was a bit meh but at least he tried many different things. Was never really fussed about seeing him but did catch his headline set at Glastonbury in 2000 and he was awesome. True rock legend.

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Just shocked. Bought Dark Star on pre-order, arrived on Friday and haven’t had time to listen to it all the way through yet.

A huge influence on the music and culture of our time…a very special artist in every sense of the word, RIP David. :lou_sad:


This news has made me very sad. Bowie was a big part of my life during the 70s

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A unique talent, for me the greatest artist of the 20th century.

Bowie’s music and images will continue to have a massive influence on music and art for decades to come.

Living through the incredible run of albums between 1969 and 1983 was an exciting time to listen to music.

What a sad day.

I cursed him by bigging him up on Saturday with Fowllyd. RIP. :lou_sad:

My own personal favourite is The Man Who Sold The World album? Hard to pick a track favourite, but All the madmen might be the one. RIP great man

Shit. Just learnt by logging on here.

First LP I got was Ziggy and I was on my way to town to get the new one.


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Sad news, to be honest I have not heard a lot of his stuff but what I have heard I’ve liked. Hi new album was getting great critical reviews.

Do think he went off the page a bit in the last 80s and onwards…

I don’t think you’ll find Black Star in the shops for a while but I put a YouTube link to the whole album in the “What Are You Listening To” thread last week.

Edit: Here it is…

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Amazing and unique. A giant of a musical and cultural talent.

Can’t profess to be a massive fan of his work but there are areas I’ve certainly enjoyed. Had the Tin machine album, Ziggy and Heroes.

Wasn’t a massive fan of his more commercial ‘dancy’ stuff

A huge loss , and again another legend passes

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