:pl: :crystalpalacefc: Crystal Palace v Saints :saints:

:crystalpalacefc: v :saints:

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  • What Sutton says, :crystalpalacefc: to win 2-1
  • Bore draw
  • Score draw
  • :crystalpalacefc: are up and down at the moment, expect them to play well in this one though, :crystalpalacefc: win
  • :saints: have had a few good results recently, this will continue, JW-P will, once again, have a Zaha shaped pocket. :saints: to win

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Who gives a shit

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Answers on a postcard please :grin::grin:

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Palace going well. That’ll be a tough one.

Hmmm, they’ve gone backwards a bit recently, bet they’ll reverse that against us.

Gonna be a case of who can find 11 players to lat 90 minutes atm

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Sutton says :-

Crystal Palace v Southampton

Southampton are another team that I just can’t work out. They were brilliant in the second half against Arsenal last week, but the Gunners could have been out of sight by then.

That’s pretty typical of Saints though. They are such a patchy side, and it feels like they can’t put together a performance over 90 minutes.

Crystal Palace were pretty flat at Everton in their last game but I’m expecting them to be much better back at Selhurst Park.

Wilfried Zaha scored home and away for the Eagles against Southampton last season, which might be a sign he will make a difference this time too.

Sutton’s prediction: 2-1

Dapz’s prediction: 3-1

Poll added to the OP

Winnable. Take Man City and Spurs away out and our games are all win or lose by 1 goal. I think scoring is the main issue, but things seem to be coming together after all the signings up to the end of the transfer window closing. A lot were on the last day.

Just need to turn them a little, loses into draws and draws into wins and things will look much better.

We are hardly getting thumped every week, so not much is wrong.


And despite the meltdown, Ralph has been saying that it will take time since the summer.
Equally think the reason he wasnt fired was because he insisted on a striker & whole Gakpo would have been a sensational signing & we came close, someone in the office left it too late and it wasnt Ralph


I’m not one to get on the managers back. Yes it has not been great since the window closed, but there are signs of improvement and I do not think changing manager will help in the slightest.

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We’re due a win, (Bompey doesn’t really count,) and this will provide it. Another poor first half, go in after 45 mins level or one down, and do the business in the second half, Ralph having belatedly realised that’s when the points get dished out.

Then again, I had us down to beat Arsenal. :unamused::smile:

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Excited or this one! Lyanco + JWP vs Waha! Whats not going to get you excited about this!!


Bright start :+1::+1:

Someone tell Diallo we are in blue

Salisu has never really regained the form he showed when he first arrived has he?
I like Lyanco though.


How bad must AMN be?

Motm shared between Lyanco & Moi last week