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It’s about time we had some decent crumpet threads, but which brand is better? I find kingsmill go a bit too doughy and soggy, I like a bit of crispness to my crumpet with a soft marmitey inner core, sainsburys own are acceptable in this instance, waitrose do some with sunflower seeds in which I don’t approve of at all as I wasn’t expecting them to be there nor did they have any right to be in a crumpet. So who makes the best crumpet?




Homemade you crumpet philistines

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Another vote for Warburtons, but as GavStarBaker says, Sainsbury’s own are also decent.

However, everyone is skirting the real question.

Standard or Giant?

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(Actual Size)


This is the origin of ‘gone for a ‘burton’

Back the Crimean war the giant crumpet was invented to bring a little taste of comfort to the men in the front, and being large fed 16 soldiers in one sitting.

Originally made by Burtons of Little Cockinn, nr. Tillet in Hertfordshire who later got into cheap men’s fashion trade selling a fuck load of burgundy items in the 1980s., these giant crumpets became known as ‘war-burtons’’

When young soldiers where tasked with running across the battle field to stock up on war-burtons’ or ‘burtons as they became known, and many fell to cannon fire —- hence ‘gone for a burton’ became synonymous with having snuffed it.

(This may or may be true)


Just to confirm my magnificently middle-class credentials, I have to say that Waitrose sell very fine sourdough crumpets. Yes, I do realise that they won’t be made using the proper sourdough process*, but they’re still pretty damn tasty. With butter of course. Nothing else required other than a good cup of tea (Assam, loose leaf, made in a pot - what else would you expect of me?).

* Proper sourdough bread products are made by people even more middle-class than those who shop in the 'trose.


Yeah i’ve had the sourdough ones, very nice indeed, no need for sunflower seeds though so I just need to read the labels more carefully.


Ooh Assam, Mrs CS has started on that stuff recently. Tasty, but a nice mug of PG Tips in the morning is all that’s needed. I am a philistine of course & suffer from Mrs CS’ forays into the ‘trose weekly. I don’t even know how to cook half of the shit she brings back…


As a side note (was considering starting another thread but I try not to start more than 1 a year), how many makes up a recommended serving, I am partial to at least 4 but have been known to have a six pack in one sitting.

  • 2 - Just right
  • 3 - The magic number
  • 4 - Yes please
  • 5 - And leave 1 in the packet?
  • 6 - All for me, yum yum

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wtf happened to my poll? MODs help needed on the crumpet thread!


nevermind I fixed it with my excellent coding skills and IT knowledge.


What about packets of 9 crumpets.

Warburton for me too, although my working class credentials also require me to say that Asda do do a decent crumpet.

Alas, recently, intolerance have denied me my crumpet satisfaction.


What is a War in Burton?
Has to be Homepride

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It was great to find they’re vegan so I don’t care where they’re from. I just wish they’d fit in our toaster rather than having to put them under the grill.


9 is too many to have in one go Bob, I’m not putting 9 as an option on the poll, learn some restraint man!


Perhaps we need to make sure all our new signings like a hot crumpet?


I think @tigger would want to ensure all new signings are hot crumpet.


Recipe Please


Most definitely


I am lost who is the the hot crumpet on these threads I am confused and will be going to the What used to be friday thread