Crocked Nob's secret, North London Yobos v Struggling Saintlies unofficial Match Thread

Crocked Nob's secret, North London Yobos v Struggling Saintlies unofficial Match Thread


Password must be provided on entry - this is unofficial, so I cant be sacked if predictions/results are shite and Cracked Rib has used a code name so as not to be identified as the real instigator of this unofficial match thread. Cunning hey :wink:

This weeks password is: Lowesnemesis

You must quote the password before you post or your post will be invisible to everyone but you and so ignored.

Papsweb board will not know about this as they will be distracted by other bollocks and the ‘Offical BTripz’ match thread which will obviously end in disaster… so with luck we will go unnoticed for sometime and hopefully this will see a change of fortunes for the side.

Remember, no password and we wont see your entry.

Cracked Rib’s Prediction Saints 1 - North London Yobos 0



The boy deserves his second chance :lou_wink_2:



Apologies, forgot the password earlier so have now edited it so you should be able to see it.

I think you are mistaken though my fine caprinine friend It was Gay Abandon that wa sacked after just two… two poor results including away at City… Cracked Rib left and was replaced by Gay.Gay may one day get a second chance, but for now Cracked is bac, but covertly and not in any official capacity



Gotcha :lou_wink_2:



Welcome back CA :lou_wink:, have you any insight into Steve M’s plan for this afternoon against said norf lundaaan mafia? Hope for your prediction’s sake, and thus your continued career #2, that it involves some seriously “unofficial” tackling for Kane. and Eriksen. and Lloris.



Cracked is back, not for the sack…


i don’t think we will win this game i think we will lose this game or maybe draw this game that is what i think tks



Hmmmm. Lloris is suddenly shite and Spurs cant hold onto a lead. Good timing :lou_lol:


We are fucked.


Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

We are fucked.


Guess you did not see today’s game then.



Saints 0 Spurs 4

So boo yah to Cracked Arse and his unofficialness…



BTW the thread says there are 9 comments but I can only see 5 of them



Indeed… think some folks forgetting the password. How is your official thread going - sparted it yet? I do wish you luck by the way.

Hoping Papand the board have not noticed us yet :lou_wink:



we will get 2 shots on target.



I did start one but then I forgot the password and I can’t find it anymore.



I think it’s safe to say that our form will need to pick up no little, and indeed quite some, if we are to get anything from this at all. Can this happen? Of course it can. Will it happen? Fucked if I know. We desperately need Mané to recapture his earlier form, and for either Wanyama to do likewise or somebody else to step into the gap that his dip in form has created.

Personally, I’d rather like to see Clasie and Romeu as the central midfield pair, but I don’t know if this is in Ron’s thoughts or not.



Is this the game where Gazza finally makes a name for himself? Some good saves at the weekend; kept us in it.



I have dropped Pelle, Mane and Fonte from my Fantasy Football team.

This guarantees that they will each score at least one goal on Saturday and that Saints will keep a clean sheet.

Therefore, I confidently predict the score will be Saints 3-0 Spurs … or better.




2-1 to Saints.

The Brazilians I am working with have never heard of Charlie Miller so trying to explain who he was and why we should have Saints on the TV instead of Barcelona or Real Madrid but not going well at present.



Bring it on. Iam expecting maximum participatio in this secret match thread. Who’s in?