🇭🇷 Croatia v England :engerland: @Rallyboy v @Fowllyd - Wednesday 11th July 19:00

England’s first world cup semi for 28 years, will they go full viagra or will Croatia piss all over their fireworks?

Will @Rallyboy break off from his Right Said Fred tribute tour and actually make a comment on Discourse?

How does the Welsh one feel about having to support :engerland:?

Who do you think is going to win

  • :croatia: Croatia after 90
  • :engerland: England after 90
  • :croatia: Croatia after ET
  • :engerland: England after ET
  • :croatia: Croatia on Pens
  • :engerland: England on Pens

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My Filipino mate has drawn Croatia in the work sweepstake and has said he will turn up to watch the match at 17:00 local time when the game starts at 02:00 the next morning so I predict we will both be pissed and not remember the score or possibly see the match .


You know it’s going to happen. It will go to penalties BUT England to prevail, full on Winston Churchill speech style. Then everybody can break out into the intro of Aces High…err…Football’s Coming Home :soccer::lion::lion::lion:

I just KNOW you will love this


It is just coming upto midday the match kicks off in 14 hours and the first beer has been consumed.

This will not end pretty either way the result goes.


Go @PhilippineSaint, chug, chug, chug! :beers::beers::beers:


I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

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@PhilippineSaint liver said the same thing about an hour ago.


KO is 10pm here. Dropping Mrs D_P at airport about 4pm.
Happy Hour (2 for 1) ends at 8pm.
I’m having a steak dinner before heading out. Do I have a bottle of wine with it?
That is the extent of my worries for the day


My partner has been scouting for a place to watch in Bali. 2am here. He’s not very good at staying awak past 10pm so see what happens. I’ll be tucked up in bed asleep.

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Kuta bar beers…

Excellent work by the Media team…

Southampton FC

Excited for the big match today?! :grinning:



Just a day at work to get through, though my concentration and focus may not be brilliant today. I have to say I haven’t felt this engaged when it comes to an England match for a long, long time. Partly it’s down to the sheer magnitude of the game, of course; and yet I can’t help thinking that if an England team of the past couple of decades had got to this position I really wouldn’t have felt anywhere near how I do now.

To me that’s ample testament to how the team has behaved under Gareth Southgate - gone, it seems, is the arrogance and entitlement that buzzed around the England team like flies round a sugar bowl (or a pile of shit, which some may find a more appropriate simile). It’s noticeable, for example, that the players have had wives, families and girlfriends around; but the WAG antics of 2006 are nowhere to be seen.

And the team has played with belief and (hard to imagine this after so many previous tournaments) a clear sense of enjoyment. The football’s been pretty decent - not overwhelming, but there’s been little or no sign of the fear-ridden style we’ve all got so horribly used to over recent years. Long may it continue.

I don’t even care about the sweepstake, or even about handing Rallyboy his arse on a plate. Oh all right then, the latter will be fun.


Calm down sheep-fingerer, don’t go jizzing on your plastic jacket just yet - I’ve got this one covered.

Thirty-two teams, only three left, and one of them is my glorious Croatia.
So I’ve been giving them tips…and yes, I know it’s wrong and disloyal, but £100 is £100! - so I’ve been revealing a few secrets to the enemy…
I’ve told them how to mark Danny Welbeck as he’ll start as the surprise lone front man, I’ve convinced them to drop Modric and go long ball with a 5ft 8 target man to exploit the English lack of aerial power, they also now know we have no pace out wide, so they will play nice and narrow.
I’ve admitted that Pickford is easily beaten from 35 yards, shoot on sight, none of this passing around the box - and of course I’ve told them the best way to defend corners and free kicks is to ignore the ball, be as rapey and hands-on as Savile at a caravan-based meet and greet, so Lovren is taking double viagra half an hour before kick-off and will be set to full grope mode.
With all of this insider info, beating England will be as easy as executing a whole village in a barn and then lazily burying the charred remains in a shallow field.

Come on my boys, I only see one winner… :sunglasses:


Someone must have read my tweet reply to BBC News :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But more importanlt, the Sotonians “reaching out” to departed members worked again, @Rallyboy posted on this thread :heart_eyes:


Now this is a brilliant one

Danny F*cking Wellbeck


When a Mod nicks a link you shared :lou_facepalm_2:

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Feck, are you stalking me??