:copyright: Cover us in glory


Not completely a cover… but sort of :wink:

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Not sure if this is on this thread, but if not it should be.

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Lucifer’s version is epic btw.
Cant remember which season though

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I’m going to see Stereolab tonight, so here’s a cover of one of theirs:



Connections, connections, connections. So may connections…

So, when I lived in Australia I used to listen to Triple J - and Triple M too. Don’t remember this Like a Version feature but I like it.

I had a poke around in the other covers and found this.

It’s one of my favourite Death Cab for Cutie tracks that I play on the guitar myself. This version (nearly as good as mine) is covered by Yungblud (who I was introduced to on Monday by a lad at the school where I work) and Halsey.

It’s what a good cover should be, different and better for it.

I hadn’t realised that Yungblud was so talented and this is VERY different to the stuff I’d previously heard.

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