:copyright: Cover us in glory

:copyright: Cover us in glory


Bloody lovely that.





A friend was over in the states for this festival, has been posting loads of great pics of this - stoking intense jealousy here.

Proper dream team that.


Point of order.

Is that even a cover?


Well it’s not the Smiths.


But the bloke that wrote the music is playing on the track.

Skin of your teeth, goatster, skin of your teeth.


Never in doubt.


Topical one:


Apols if this has already featured here, but this is a proper classic


This has reminded me how much I unironically love Pet Shop Boys


Why would there be any irony? One of the best bands ever! At least up to about 1990.


Yeah, I think it’s a bit of a hangover from when I was younger. I had a bit of a PSB phase when I was at uni. I got mocked quite a bit for it - back then I was a lot more concerned about appearing cool.

I’m know aware that’s a hopeless endeavour, particularly for me. I’m just gonna like what I like now :man_shrugging:


One of my fave bands doing an excellent cover of PSB’s “Rent”…


I don’t know if this strictly qualifies as a cover but it’s by two of my current favourite artists so fuck you…

Here is Noah Gundersen and Phoebe Bridgers covering (whilst accompanying) the other’s song.

Back to back in the video below you have Killer by Phoebe Bridgers (performed by Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Gundersen) and then from 3:36 The Sound by Gundersen (performed by Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Gundersen). Abby Gundersen (sister) accompanies on the other piano.

Two lovely songs, two lovely arrangements by two talented people.

Here are the originals…



Is it still a cover if a band covers themselves evoking other bands in their own material?

I think this is pretty magnificent. All sorts of Dark Side of the Moon stuff going on here. Not bad for a former rock ballad.


Not really sure what to make of this one


Bit strange. Voice at the start put me off, but the piano kept me listening. He then surprised me by matching the lift in music and I liked when the the full range joined, but he fucked everyone’s hard work up around 3:10.