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I like a good cover song. I’m not talking about when Boyzone and Westlife or whatever resurrect some song from the seventies and make it utterly more shit. I’m talking about reasonably inspired and respectful re-interpretations of other artists’ work.

Let’s start out with a fun, but easy one.


Being a teenager through large parts of the seventies I was a fan of David Bowie; therefore, I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I much prefer Lulu’s version of The Man Who Sold The World, mainly because of the saxophone.


Nice one Halo; enjoyed that. In recognition of it being Friday, here is a nice, dancey cover.

Who’d have thought Alanis Morrisette such decent source material for such a storming track?

Yeah, that’s nice, Pap - it’s the sort of thing I Iike to listen to on my ipod when working out in the gym.

Misread the post title as

“Cover us in gloy”

Pretty disappointed with the contents of the thread after that.

No offence papster, I mean it’s a great thread and I’ll contribute more fully later, it’s just that there isn’t any gloy and nobody being covered in anything.

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Another of my favourite covers from the seventies is Lene Lovich’s version of The Night, originally recorded by The Four Seasons

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Goatster, are we the same person?

I’ll raise you this, which I expect might also raise something in Flyd Owl.

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As someone who finds perfect music in a single human with a message and a wooden, acoustic guitar, I lament the addition of instruments, musicians and electricity.

I therefore find myself at the opposite end of the musical spectrum from Metal (Heavy or otherwise). If you’re a fan of that type of music, you are wrong. Harsh, but true.

However, I’ve got the perfect cover album to bridge the musical gap between us. It’s called What’s Next to the Moon? by Mark Kozelek. Kozelek was the lead singer of the grammatically ambiguous Red House Painters - who I also have a soft spot for.

The album is a series of reimaginings (sorry) of early AC-DC songs with a folky feel. I love it. I’m afraid I don’t even know the originals, so I’d love to know how any AC-DC fans feel about them. Horrified I would imagine.

Here’s a selection…

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In another era I had hair (dyed burgundy), wore leg warmers, and listened to stuff like this…


So here’s a relatively new one to me.

Long story, well a story that spans a long period of time anyway. My memory is a bit sketchy as my synapses had cider in them at the time, but a few months before Arthur Lee died, a mate and I went to see him at The Brook. He was the frontman of the band Love. I didn’t know much about him/them before going, but my mate (who is older) was a massive fan. Anyway, it was a great night and even though he was getting on, he put on a great show.

Fast forward to last month and me and the same mate are at a Calexico gig in London and as part of the encore, they played this.

A cover of Love’s Alone again, or…

Was almost spiritually good.


Pretty sure we must be related bletch.

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I think this is probably wrong but always preferred this to the real deal.

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