:copyright: Cover us in glory

:copyright: Cover us in glory


Here’s one. Cover of a Jimmie Rodgers song, and a very quirky one at that, with a 15-year-old boy doing the singing.


And here’s another. Very famous song, which goes back a long way. The earliest version I know is by Mississippi John Hurt, entitled Frankie and Albert and recorded in 1928. Can this be considered a cover? What the hell, it’s a great version.


One of the covers from an album of music to accompany the TV series “The Man In The High Tower”



Done fell down the St Vincent rabbit hole again. Remembered she used to do this quite a bit. It’s pretty good, fuck she’s amazing. I really love her.


Nice to see this thread resurrected. What a version this one is.


This thread will be more than resurrected now that I have an ulterior motive.

The guitarist and I are into pop songs done as guitar songs. The other two are a bit rock n roll, so we’ve probably got some work to convince them that this is the way to go.

She played me this.

I played her this (both might have been linked before)

Like I said, we’ve got some convincing to do, but I reckon it’s a no-brainer.


Just watched this episode of American Gods…cracking vesion featuring the vocals of Mark Lanegan



Always loved Jaq’s voice and singing an Iris Dement song is just perfect… stunning… (if you like a bit a old fashioned country swing)



I saw Iris at the Wedgewood Rooms back in the '90s…stunning I cried all the way through “My Life”…Love Jacqui Abbott too.


That is pretty cool LITSL - rather envious. :lou_smiley:


Love thsi as well… even though never liked Elton… love teh quaklity of teh playing on this



The oddest gig I ever saw at the Wedgewood Rooms, completely different demographic where I wasn’t anywhere near the oldest in the crowd. All seated, lots of cowboy hats and blue-rinses. :lou_surprised:


Great singer…





He could have learnt the words.


when he makes a guitar sound like that, quite frankly, I couldn’t care less about what he’s saying.




That’s a nice composition