:copyright: Cover us in glory

:copyright: Cover us in glory


He must be trying to be funny because anybody who can’t appreciate the genius of The Band needs a musical education.


Looking forward to the musical education :laughing:


One of the greatest, if not the greatest soul singer.

Maybe “The Band” could teach him a few things, after covering one of his songs :laughing:



It’s not like football mate , you don’t have one band or singer you support at the expense of all others . The Band covered this song because they, and Levon in particular admired Marvin Gaye. I prefer The Bands version , but didn’t diss Marvin or didn’t troll anyone . A thread about covers will always have bands covering others music .

For balance heres a decent cover of a Band song.


Upvoted, not for the songs (neither the Band or Marvin Gaye are really my thing) but because I didn’t see it as trolling, just a contribution to the thread. A lot of people like The Band.

I don’t like a lot of the stuff on the music threads but never took it as trolling…

So endeth the sermon :innocent:

btw … I realise Lord D can be a controversial carachter


Back to the tunes .

Leon Russell’s " Song for you"'has been covered hundreds of times . Wille Nelson nailed it here under pressure as the great man looked on.




Fuck me this is where this kid was 3 years ago…as a teenager…just him, nobody else…




RIP Leonard…








This is abit special as its Joni doing a cove rof her own song… reinvented as a lament and so totally differnet form her orriginal version



The best cover of one of hers is Stephen Still’s arrangement of Woodstock, so much better than Matthews soppy effort.



This live version is quite the most beautiful performance…the consummate performer, singing a song written as a 21 year old adding 30 years experience. Reduces me to a blubbering wreck every time…




I have posted this before but the local band played this in the boozer the other night and it blew me away, so no apologies for posting it again…



Its OK