Coup in Turkey

Coup in Turkey


Umm Egypt springs to mind as the last one.


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That is really not a look that says “authority”.

Spectacularly ill-judged decision by Erdogan to make a statement via Facetime.


East Timor and the Philippines and many others ha ha, SuperMikey you’re a top fellow but a little off the mark there mate, Coup’s happen all the time, this is sounding like a bit of the sponsored sort to me but there go. Not the Mark Thatcher shite one either.


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Wouldn’t be surprised if this was given the nod by the US or Nato.


Haven’t we just had a (very British) coup here?

Seems like it to me.


True enough, that comment was off the mark. Egypt and Philippines don’t really hold the same kind of influence on the global stage as Turkey does though - it’s Europe’s link to the Middle East and an important ally in that area. Would be interesting to see what kind of relationship the EU and NATO would have with a military government in the country…


Top Gent as always Mikey.


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Top Gent as always Mikey.

I aim to please, Bazza.


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Get a room you two :astonished:

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Well that is one thing the remainers said that is coming true. Turkey ain’t joining the EU anytime soon, although arranging a coup is a bit overboard to prove a point


I know but I felt it was worth the effort to support my argument.


Looking at the BBC it seems that the coup had just about been crushed by Erdogan and loyal forces. But how reliable is social media reporting these days?


They fucked that up. That’s the only chance they’ll ever get to take Erdogan out. Should’ve got him first.


Media are saying Erdogan instigated this to strengthen his position, well the EU is off the table but more importantly what is going to happen to the 3 Million refugees?


Again, another “PC” nightmare conundrum.

Islam grows, Christianity is fairly static, so Turkey has seen the propotion of Muslims increase and it will continue to do so.

Erdogan is seen by many Turks as unravelling the work of Attaturk & the promise of a Secular Society - an issue he brought to the fore by allowing his wife to wear a headscarf in Public afetr his election win.

The West obviously has to congratulate the return of Democracy. Yet deep down, Erdogan and Democracy are playing into the hands to fundamentally alter the fabric of Turkish society in the medium - long term. That is conveniently ignored by the EU junket gatherers.

Very long term there is a lesson for the west, as Muslim populations grow, so their voice becomes stronger - not 10 years hence but 20 or 30 issues like this could arise in other Nations.

Erdogan is elected and the legitimate Authority. His intentions may not be what the EU wish for, an Islamic leaning Turkey is a medium to long term threat. Western Politicians only ever look to the next time they have a chance of getting sacked.

Democracy has won, people are applauding that. Time will tell whether this was actually a disaster for the world or a good thing.

Many of my friends and ex employees in Turkey believe it was a disaster that the coup failed. They are truly Secular and fear the changes.

(They also fear the fact that the man himself seems to be as mentally unstable as Tony Blair)


More and more polarisation within societies around the world I fear. I believe we will see increased tension over the differences in culture and beliefs and less patience and willingness to embrace these differences that diversity could bring