👑 Coronation Sheet

So mist of us will witness something we’ve never seen before.

The coronation of a British monarch.

Personally i like all the bank holidays surrounding the death and replacement of a monarch and i think the fam should be a bit more Game of Thrones about it.


It should be paid for by selling tickets.


I was around for the previous Coronation but was too young to get involved in the Street Party. My brother was a year older and was allowed to go and the cunt came back with a free Coronation Mug.

Today that free mug is worth upwards of £1.25p. :rage:


it should be abandoned and a guillotine installed under Marble Arch and that used on the day until the freeloading buggers are gone.

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That’s what I said to my brother when he came back with his free mug. :+1:

Fvck off, i already did that.
Amazing how gullible people are, got 753 Muricans all booked for front row seats and a tour at $5k a pop.
Still some spare
Go to thisisacon.com cornetation tickets.

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I’ll take all the bank holidays I can get thank you very much.

The monarchy itself? Meh. :unamused:

Oh you poor soul. :cry: When you retire every day’s a holiday…something to cheer you up. :slight_smile:

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When youre offshore its meant to be training for retirement as you are supposed to get 6 months off.

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Charlie’s boy and the government/ establishment can go do one on this.

Clearly they think we are fools…(& probably a lot of us are, but less so the yoof, thank fuck)

Ahh go on - you belong to him anyway

Don’t tell Charlie but Lady Slowlane and I WILL be swearing…C**TS.


Someone pointed out this morning that swearing allegiance to Charles and his heirs means swearing allegiance to the nonce Andrew. They can fuck right off. And while we’re at it, we learned this week that Charles is worth at least £2 billion, most of which he inherited without paying any inheritance tax, thanks to a deal the family made with the John Major government. So why on earth is the tax payer picking up the estimated £250 million tab for this medieval nonsense? Magic anointing oil, gold coaches, and all the rest of the Hans Christian Anderson bollocks. He should be paying for it himself if that’s what he wants, it would be a drop in the ocean from £2 billion. Sadly there will be thousands of the usual suspects standing in the rain along the route, waving their little plastic made in China union flags. A little self respect wouldn’t go amiss.


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I reckon the minute people figure out King Charles used to be Prince Charles he’s fucked


Excellent point.

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Poor old cobs, fake need

Not sure what your point is, but if you want to join in tugging your forelock then fill your boots.

An opinion

Obviously not.
Point is the MSM turned “you are invited to join in at home” which is somewhat different to what is being reported and causing all the grief
Namely asked to.

I did my allegiance to Liz back when i joined the Scouts.
My allegiance these days is to me & family :wink: