㊗ Congratulations to our Regular Contributors

:congratulations: Congratulations to our Regular Contributors


W’hey … I’ve uncovered the way to badge stardom. Basically you shame Bletch in the public forum and hey-presto, next day in your lickle inbox thingy is a small deposit. Bit like dogshit through your letter box but nicer. I’m now officially in the level 3 trust circle and feeling great. Proper ready for the day … and what a day https://mailchi.mp/46bac51a6d82/the-brockdish-beer-festival-24th-27th-august

Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow ???




Not my doing, Seedy.

You simply met Discourse’s requirements.


I also see that @Map-Of-Tasmania has made it too.

Keep contributing!


I might have to be like John Lennon and give up my ‘OBE’ though in a desperate attempt to regain some credibility after having been courted by the forum ‘establishment’

Smash the system! :kissing_heart: