㊗ Congratulations to our Regular Contributors

:congratulations: Congratulations to our Regular Contributors


You can trust me on that.


Shit stirring :mapoftasmania: @saintbletch

Anyway, great to get to level 3. /*

What’s the next level & more importantly when do we get the pass to the Champagne Lounge?

  • As if I’m ever going to figure out the bells and whistles anyway so everyone is safe.

Edit : fucking slashes and asterisks :lou_angry:


At level 4 we all get to see pap on nudey webcam.


Level 4 is by invitation only (or for your eyes only as we level 4s call it)


Only pustulent boils? Good to hear you’re little problem is getting better @saintbletch


Think I’m out for level 4 then.


Bit of a surprise. Even a absent bear beat you.


‘Tis my lot in life to be beaten by a silent bear…’


I’m sure some people would pay good money for the same



Point of order @saintbletch on the description of “Regular” :


Can you remove the word “reliable” from the text?




To fix the discrepancy I can either remove the word reliable or remove you from trust level 3.



Please also change the name of Trust Level 2 - ‘member’ as it’s rude as it’s a euphemism for Knob

‘Member’ despite qualifying for ‘Regular’ status now that I clicked on a some obscure tumbleweed threads like ‘golf’ :flushed:


Yeah, a move up to Level 4 will be fine, cheers.


Guys, when Bletch moves me up I’ll upgrade you all as well and slip you all into the Champagne Lounge.

Edit: Fuck meant to PM you all. Hopefully he won’t notice.



And the fucking meme thing didn’t work either. I’m off.



I did it beause I have OCD’* and dont like the bold and non bold threads’mixed so have to click on them all :grinning:

  • not actually diagnosed.yet



Yeah I think I’m probably on this list from clicking on threads to mute them or get rid of those numbers.