😆 Comedy gigs - recommendations / reviews

:laughing: Comedy gigs - recommendations / reviews


My wife told me I need to quit playing Wonderwall on guitar. I said maybe.

Alice Fraser couldn’t compete with that


Shit :neutral_face:


Went to Adam Buxton’s Bowie Bug tonight. A personal celebration of Bowie. Moving and funny too. I fell even more in love with Buckles.

…should this be in podcast thread?!

EDIT - if you love Bowie or Buxton you should defo catch this!


I really enjoyed Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish on 6music. Adam Buxton, did his youtube comments show “Bug” on Sky, which I really liked.


This was disappointing. He spent 30 mins doing material that I saw him do 10 years ago. The second half was new material which was ok but nowhere near good enough to justify a full tour and tickets costing £21. He really needs to write more stuff and he needs to make it clear that half the show is material that’s 10 years old.


Not a great look as a comic. Usually means they’re winding down. Some of them were good enough to admit it though.


I remember back in the day before comedy switched to TV (mock the week etc) all those on the live club circuit were quite innovative and updated their routines regularly - then they got on the tellybox and the same old gags got regurgitated & arguably are still being used.


I saw Sam Simmons at the Soho Theatre a few months back. This is the balding Aussie comic who is completely nuts. A small venue and I was just glad not to be near his audience walkabout. Some close to the knuckle stuff about rapists and a few odd bits, but mostly v good.

Just booked David O’Doherty for February. Saw him in Dublin on a stag a couple of years back and looking forward to the rematch :grinning:


Girl managed to bag tickets to a recording of Live @ The Apollo a few years ago. He was one of the people performing. I thought he was great, as you said, completely nuts, but I loved him.

Think he did a bit about wearing loaves of bread for slippers? Then proceeded to actually put two loaves of bread on his feet and stroll about.


Is performing the right word for a comedy show?


Yep that was it. Along with him displaying a photo album of cats, going through a number of pages of cute and furry friends. Then he pointed out that the book was 20 years old now and so he went back through page by page. shouting “DEAD” “DEAD” “DEAD”


Around about 1990, I saw Arthur Smith use his opening line gag of “My name’s Arthur Smith unless there is anyone here from the Inland Revenue in which case my name is Daphne Fairfax”. :neutral_face:

I saw him use the same line on a comedy night at the Nuffield about 4 years ago. He didn’t even have the decency to change the name. Still Daphne Fairfax. :neutral_face: Over twenty years with the same gag. No wonder he narrates Money for Nothing now.


Stewart Lee does a good bit on dead Bill Hick’s using the same material throughout his career, after I read a transcript of Hicks’ material over about a ten year period and he does rehash a lot of the same old stuff with minor alterations. Still a funny guy though, guess it would be like going to see your favourite band and wanting to hear all the songs you love rather than brand new stuff every time.


Yeah, but gags don’t have the longevity of a music track, which is a far more complex and timeless arrangement.