😆 Comedy gigs - recommendations / reviews

:laughing: Comedy gigs - recommendations / reviews


The Rob Newman show on R4 (which I think is what @intiniki was referring to)

Ep1 only available for another 11 days


Stewart Lee tomorrow…


Shall I tell you his improvisations?


I’m going too :lou_smiley:


As well as enjoying Stewart Lee an awful lot this evening, just as entertaining was finally seeing the type of people in the audience he has been talking about for years, as the 2 people sat next to me (who were obviously there with very different expectations) didn’t offer as much as a chuckle, sitting stony faced and perplexed until they finally left about 15 mins into the second half. Made me feel all warm and smuggly :lou_smiley:


Sorry, I thought it was you sat next to me!

He just didn’t tell proper jokes, not like I enjoy on Mrs Brown’s Boys.

I was sat in the front row in the orchestra pit, it was a bit bizarre.

Shall we tell @pap what he had to say about Brexit voters?..

Or shall I just leave it that Mr Lee suggests that the Labour Party is led by Catweazle and his gang of furious tramps?


Nothing that hasn’t been said on here about a thousand times :lou_wink_2:


Going to see Micky Flanagan on Sunday in Manchester! Really looking forward to it!


After a day of Latin America politics I headed to The Union Chapel in Islington to sit on hard pews for some comedy. We remembered to take some cushions this time so my back isn’t as bad as it could have been today.

The line up was Joe Wilkinson, Lolly Adefope with headliner Rob Delaney and compère Ed Gamble. There was a choir too as it’s christmas. There was a bonus Joe Lycett who opened the night.

Joe Lycett was very funny. We also enjoyed Lolly and Ed Gamble was very amusing. I’d booked it for Rob Delaney and I found him hilarious in parts but other half wasn’t so sure. We felt that Joe works better as a character rather than standup.


Last night I headed to Shepherds Bush Empire for Luisa Omielan. When the show was booked it was for her show Am I Right Ladies but her mother passed away earlier this year. So the show was about that, cancer, NHS failings, palliative care and cannabis oil. Doesn’t sound a barrel of laughs and some parts were really hard for her and the audience. She said at the beginning that people could leave if they needed. But at other parts she had us laughing. She had a standing ovation.


Comedy can be a great way of dealing with some horrific stuff. There are so many stand up’s and comedy actors who’ve suffered.


We’ve all fucking suffered. It’s what it is to be human. Some of us laugh about it and some cry and some do both as some do neither.

I’m like a philosopher. A whiskey philosopher.



that was funnier before i posted it.i’ve been drinking.


So at the Camden Head in Camden (wouldn’t be silly enough to think it was the one in Angel would I?).
Anyway here to see Sara Pascoe do some prep for her tour. She’s actually on the door checking us off on the list.

edit - she was very funny. There was also Brett Goldstien too. Also hilarious. Ended up sat next to a woman who also works where my partner does. London is small.


It’s not a gig, so much as a series of recorded gigs, but the Trilogy by Alice Fraser is some of the best stand-up I’ve heard for ages:

Listeners to the Bugle will know her for astute silliness, but there’s so much depth to her full shows.


Tonight I am off to League of Gentlemen Live at the O2. Have seats on the floor which is going to be interesting. Have fond memories of being hungover in Liverpool watching it with @pap one new years day. Pretty sure I worked one of their gigs years ago at the Guildhall in 2000. It’s a solo mission as my partner never saw it as he was faffing about abroad for a lot of the late 90s/00s.


I’m seeing Henning Wehn in a couple of weeks. I look forward to it.


He’s funny. You’ll have a good evening.


Yeah, I’ve seen him a few times and is always good value.