🇨🇴 Colombia vs :engerland: England - Phillipine vs Fowllyd

Game on tomorrow.

We don’t yet have a thread. We do now.

I did contact Sweepmaster McSweep @saintbletch and the rest of the mod boys, but to no avail. He is probably up the towpath.

We’re losing business. Here is your England thread.

Which team will prevail?

  • :colombia: Colombia
  • :engerland:: England

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Come on you coke boys

The Colombian lads are bang up for it, apparently. Very lively.

As far as the match goes, I really don’t know what to make of it. Does a rejuvenated England team storm out of the blocks with Harry Kane leading the charge? That’s gotta be the hope.

That said, England have disappointed before. We’ve been involved in some rather cynical games. Tomorrow could be a real test of VAR.

Personally, I lack the fervour I had as a 15 year old in '90, or the largely brilliant Euro '96 tournament, but if England can overcome the Colombians tomorrow, I might start getting there.

Fk you @PhilippineSaint, wipe that from your mouth before it drips from your chin. You dirty, dirty boy!
@pap spent six years as a fifteen year old (probably in his early twenties at the time).


As I am an Englishman and a local has Colombia in the offshore Sweep-stake I am now cheering both sides with the view that one of my teams is going to get through, be it out here or over there.:lou_lol::lou_lol:

We’ve all been here before.
Pub full of excitement and anticipation. Then a shoelace, a metatarsal, a Rooney red.
We are always vulnerable when we have “opportunitiy”
Unless Southgate really has worked some pink unicorns into the equation.
Forecast? Heartbreak

My two cents FWIW, I’d love to see England win for no other reason than I have been very impressed with Harry’s chin. Also, child 2 would love to see affor mentioned unicorns too :grinning:


Fuck it, I am all in. We are going to muller the bastards. This year the cup is wide open. We can do this.

Do. Not. Fuck. It. Up.

Kibosh has been invoked with that statement.

Of course they will fuck it up, what else will us English supporters have to moan about for the next 2 years ?

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I think we’ll win.

Belgium was an aberration and Columbia looked very average in their last gamr.

Like Donald Trump it will only take me 2 minutes of the game to know if my prediction is true.

I’ll let you all know tonight so you can turn off and do something more interesting.

Do the retailers here know something?

Clearance sale already!

When did we win the other two world cups - there is three stars above the badge

Thats Two world wars and 1 world cup


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That’s hilarious!

I was unaware that England had a national baseball team…




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