Clarets claret/Burnley beers

Ok - I’m on a winning run of one match so I’ll start another one

Who’s in for pre-match beers? - the last Saturday 3pm ko until Dec 23rd

And where - back to the Rockstone? Stable again? Bookshop…?


I am meeting a couple of mates in the South Western but my catch up with y’all later.

Bookshop if just beers, Stable if eating is my vote.

Also need to meet Fowllyd (flush with his job news) or Bletch to get my ticket back.

No beers for us.

BeIN Sports have been sent to the naughty step again. Leaking decoders to the wrong places again allegedly.

So EPL have pulled their rights to show “normal” 3pm kick off matches and only let them have one “featured game” and pretty sure from the fixture list they won’t be choosing this one.

Which is a complete bummer seeing as we (finally) got our 20% discount on beer cards last week.

Also gonna be working, start of the build up to GOLF STORIES time with the first training sessions being held over the weekend.

So as we aren’t drinking annd its not on our telly’s you can expect a wonderful fun trip to the pub followed by one of the all time great EPL games as we win 6-5 with 2 goals from super sub Boufal in the last minute

Think I will want to eat

So if Fowllyd has finally got a job does that mean I don’t have to buy all his beers?


Correct. You can buy mine now :cool:


Oh, do tell, is he no longer Bletch’s fluffer?

BTW I won’t be there, sorry…but if I was the Bookshop would be my choice…

Now that’s just silly talk.


So, for the limited number of people who might turn out tomorrow, are we convening at the stable Stable? 12.45-13.00 KO?

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SOS is going to this game I think. Up for beers?

Me and pap going to SW then we’ll catch up with you at the stable.

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It’s our ticket now.

Flyd has it.

I gave him full face-value for the ticket and asked him to give you the cash.

If he says anything different he’s a mother-fucking liar!

PS what have you done for me lately?

PPS thanks. I s’pose.


I’ll be there and my wonderful child has just agreed to travel by train and come straight to the pub.

Life is good*

*this is why we are fucked @fatso


12.45 to 1.00 at the Stable sounds fine. See you there


You have permission to slap my daughter if she is as moody and ignorant as last week.

Karma got her. Two tube stations closed, so she had to walk a mile and a half uphill, just be an hour later home than she hoped.

Has that taught her anything?

I doubt it :lou_smiley:


Picking pap up in the van about half 12. Should be done with him by half one.


Sounds pretty damn groovy to me. I do indeed have Bucks’ ticket and will return it into his possession. Balti Stench did indeed offer me what he considered to be “full face value” for your ticket - a second-hand shirt of questionable vintage and considerably more questionable design (slightly foxed). I do hope I wasn’t wrong to decline it.


I was hoping for a signed copy of Bletch’s blistering best seller: “27 solid reasons not to be able to attend a football match, unless someone else hands over their ticket”.


I’m getting picked up by @goatboy in his van at half twelve. We are doing pre-pre-drinks in the South Western, or I’m getting chopped up in a layby, and a bloodied GB will attend alone and send my apologies.


I have a new supply of Murphy’s so will miss the match.

  1. Lurking on a tow path looking for public acts of indecency

  2. Buying a new shirt

  3. Taking ms bletch to Eye Unit after trying on new shirt