🇬🇧 🚫 Citizens of nowhere

I thought this might be worthy of its own thread, but this could easily go into latest news.

With today’s confirmation that Begum has lost her British citizenship, the UK has continued what is a rather dangerous precedent which goes against pretty much all prior principles of Britishness.

Ex-pats will tell you that the British government really does like to keep you. While there have been high profile cases of people renouncing their citizenship, I can’t remember it being forcibly taken away from someone born here.

I know, I know. It’s Jihadi John and Shamima Begun we’re talking about here. They went abroad to fight with extremists and were prepared to take British lives.

For me, every time we break our system in response to terrorist atrocities, it’s a win for the terrorists.

We are reacting to them, and because of those reactions, it’s no longer unthinkable for any UK citizen to lose citizenship.

I’ve got more to say on this, but I’ll let the thread breathe for a bit and ask an opening question.

Are we okay with our government creating citizens of nowhere?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t know

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In principle I would agree with you, what is the issue for me is the whole victim culture.
The law can be an ass, but she made this choice.
Oh she was only young they all cry.
That is all.

She was 15. If she was white she would have been ‘groomed’, ‘traficked’, ‘corrupted’ and ‘exploited’.


In her specific case, when she was initially angling to return, didn’t she give a couple of horrific interviews where she seemed to maintain support for Isis and its methods. I can’t imagine that it helped her case one bit

She was definitely groomed / radicalised

Better the devil you know.
Surely might have been better to let her be British, and have the authorities continually looking at her and any associates as “persons of interest”.
Kicking her while down may increase the radicalisation, and driver her underground or back into the arms of radicals, where no one can help her and/or check what is going on.

She’s definitely a product of consequences. some of her own making, but most of the rest of it has been constructed elsewhere.

Would we have a Jihadi John or a Shamima Begum without the disastrous wars of aggression of the early 2000s? I am not sure that we would.

Indoctrination isn’t based on truth. It’s based on stories. Before the 2000s, the best stories the extremists could tell were either decades old or outright conspiracy theories involving the Jews.

The illegal invasions of the last 20 years have given the extremists all kinds of real stories to tell, and they’re true. They create more extremists, either in the telling or surviving the doing.

If Begum’s crime is supporting extremists, the UK government needs to be in the dock as well.

What would her regime do if vice versa?
As crude as it is the bottom line is she should get to fuck.

So are we going to see this in China?
Where’s the bleeding Muslim hearts for the plight of the Uighers?
Picking an easy target, are they trying that in Russia/Chechnya?
Are they fuck.

If she has committed a crime, she should be prosecuted in an international criminal court.

We’re supposed to be the civilised ones, according to our propagandists. Why then, do we swerve the very tools of our civilisation?

We should treat them all as criminals. Try them all as criminals. Show the rest of the world our system works.

What we’ve actually done is abandon most values we’re supposed to hold. Do we believe in the rule of law or not?

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Colour has nothing to do with it, nationhood does however, she can make her homeland in Syria or wherever the fuck that’ll take her.

So you’re saying we’re better by being civilised? Does she respect that civility or abuse it as she’s up shitcreek?
She can fuck off, well she did fuck off, she can stay there to.

Fucks sake @pap fancy starting a thread like this the day you empty the asylum


As far as I can see there are two completely separate issues here. It really doesn’t matter what she has done or not done. If she has broken any laws then she needs to be charged and face the consequences. She is a British citizen none the less and I don’t see how anyone has the right to take her birthright away from her. It would be no more dangerous to bring her back here than the other people we bring back. The government clearly don’t want the hassle of having to deal with her situation if she came back. If citizenship was taken away for being a stupid cunt, Barry would have more problems than being banned from Internet forums!

Patriot me, love this great nation, don’t stab it in the back with a holier than thou sanctimonious liberal attitude, love or leave baby, you’re fucked, Isle of Man is nice, get packing son, you’re out.

And this concept of someone technically having no place in the world doesn’t bother you?

Ever thought it might happen to you?

Not really her and her type wanted our destruction and hated and still do hate our way of life, parasite is the word I am getting, not nonce.

Well if I advocated directly or indirectly, beheading, the burning of people in cages alive, thrown of buildings and many other crimes against humanity then sure. I won’t though as I am not a cunt who believes in a fascist fundamentalist totalitarian faith, people and liberals won’t challenge doctrine and stand up to it as they’re shit scared, Bazza has been saying it for years and Bazza ain’t wrong, now my answer is to tax faith ie they’re leisure activities so they’re not charities, they have to prove their Gods exist for charitable tax status, schools are all non dom and we go from there.
Faith is welcome, as long as it stays in the home.

When you start to talk about yourself in the third person it is probably time to seek help.

Anyway, is she guilty of beheading people or throwing them off buildings?

He did it for the badness :male_detective: