🎄 Christmas Bargains

:christmas_tree: Christmas Bargains


On the subject of Xmas. I’m a nightmare. I don’t do gadgets, my weight loss means nobody knows my size anymore so Daughter has been asking what I want.
She was unimpressed when I said I wanted socks.
Not those type. I meant fuck off old fashioned Merino walking socks for my boots when it snows in Poland
She hates me



Xmas shopping done in half an hour

Thank you The Internet and mainly Amazon Prime & family for emailing me their wish lists (which I’ve largely ignored)

Job done :white_check_mark:


Wife got a hairdryer from her hairdresser which she paid for and I gave the money to her into our joint account and the usual of perfume etc etc, the magic of Christmas…


You old romantic you…


Don’t forget to spare a thought for sweet baby Jesus.


Of course not, he wanted a hairdryer as well…


I bought junior Bucks some seriously good Audio Technica headphones a few years back, when they were not widely sold in the UK.

Not only were they brilliant and half the price of the competition, but junior loved the fact none of his mates had even heard of them :innocent:


Good call @Goatboy. A definite upgrade on my old headphones. Noah Gunderson never sounds so good.


Picked up a pair of these for £39:

Kid Goat is very chuffed with them.