🎄 Christmas Bargains

:christmas_tree: Christmas Bargains


Here you go Bob:


WTF, is that for a Lego person…




Is that for when @Barry-Sanchez is listening to the football :joy:


Any bargain ideas for 11 year old niece? I have ideas but they’re not getting past the uncle at present. Has to be smallish as has to go in hold luggage.


How much do you want to spend?


Barry’s present sorted:


Up to £30. We’ve started giving cash and she likes to get clothes but we wouldn know what to get in that respect. She’s into craft but also a bit techie too.


I’m on my phone at the moment but I’ll post later x


Does she have a phone? How about something like this:


A bit more money but these are amazing value:


Kid Goat is arty too. I got her these recently and she loves them:


Do these actually work @Goatboy?


Yes, the fish eye one is great for work: if I’ve done a good job :wink:


So, I’m seriously tempted to buy these for myself for Christmas, so I was reading the blurb and this sound fantastic

Flawless Connectivity

Using satellite technology (LDS antenna) Liberty Lite maintain a super-strong Bluetooth connection.

Get flawless, skip-free audio up to 33 ft.

But then later there’s a graphic that shows this


So, in my mind, that’s less than 33ft, it’s closer to 3ft.

Confused of Poole

Before or after the cleaners have been??


I haven’t had any issues with bluetooth dropping out. These are a cracking buy Bob.


Don’t have these ones, but mine are Bluetooth 5 and LDS antenna. I have left phone in the kitchen and walked the whole house. One tiny drop out, but upstairs at the opposite end of the house.
They’ve come on in leaps and bounds, so worth a punt.


Yeah, sorry, not being clear in my posts, wasn’t complaining, just thought it was funny…


@Goatboy Thanks. I’ll have a look.