🎄 Christmas Bargains

:christmas_tree: Christmas Bargains


For anyone looking for an Adidas christmas bargain there is a whopping 30% discount off of everything plus free postage on the adidas.co.uk site
Just use code BF18 at checkout.
You’re welcome.


They have a sale every 14mins.


Not with that much off they don’t. That’s a site wide discount too so includes previously discounted stuff. Just saved myself 50 quid.


25% off all Clarks boots today too. Saved £25 on these which I’ve had my eye on for a while:



One for @saintbletch


Cheers mate, just saved some moolar on that.


Just ordered myself a pair of these. Bargain.


Very good price for Bluetooth 5.
I’m into these ones at the moment. No drop out and a lovely clarity.


How much were they?


Can’t remember. I think I payed about £60, but also got stung £17 import duty. Not as comfortable as the Crazybaby ones, but i doubt any are.
Have seen what i believe is the same model for $50 online, but your bound to have to pay an import duty.
They are tiny and ultra light.


Saw those on Amazon this morning - VERY well reviewed by LOTS of buyers. Have you got them yet, Goat?

Or is that a hopeful bargain?

Report please…

EDIT: Actually was a different brand but looked very similar. Suggested that they were reduced by £150 which sounded like bollocks. But ~400 reviews averaging 4.8/5.0 is pretty good.


Just ordered them. I’ve had them in my wish list for a while but couldn’t resist £15 off. I will report back when they arrive but I have high hopes as I like my other Anker headphones.


Yeah, I’ve got the (w)Anker SoundCore portable speaker and it has amazing sound (for the price).


Got the Flare+ on my christmas list :slight_smile:


These are great! Really comfortable and secure fit, discrete, great bassy sound and instantly connected. Neat case. I will let you know about battery life. No problem with drop out until I get about 20 feet from my mp3. Well chuffed.


Get some @saintbletch! They really are shit hot. The Anker ones by the way.


I hope they sound good with old man’s acoustic folk - I don’t like electricity.


Currently listening to Die Antwoord. I reckon you’d choke on your Horlicks.



OMFG, do people actually listen to that?

Note : Remember folks I am now 50+