Sir John Chilcot is facing renewed pressure over his inquiry into the Iraq war following the emergence of a leaked White House memo that appears to prove Tony Blair backed military action a year before seeking a vote in parliament.

The document shows a contrast between Blair’s public position in early 2002 that he was not proposing military action and the private opinion of the US that the British prime minister would “follow our lead”.

The Mail on Sunday broke the story.

Beginning of the end of this sad chapter of our history?

Dont usually read the MoS but there was one in the cafe I was in this morning and I gave this a glance. Blair needs to be hauled over the coals for his lies. Better still, lock the fekker up!

Blair a charismatic christian religious zealot war criminal.

And multi minted due to his profile and exploits and dumb fucks paying shitloads to listen to him speak.

For some reason, Tony Blair’s spokespeople have re-iterated his mealy mouthed apology about being sorry for the wrong intelligence. Gotta wonder whether this is a bit of cushioning for the publication of the war. Personally, I don’t buy it. Labour are claiming that they thought they had more influence over the US, and weren’t aware of the US’ intentions to completely destroy the Ba’ath structure.

The Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, accused Blair of starting to prepare the ground for expected criticisms when the long-delayed report of the Chilcot inquiry is finally published.

“The Blair spin operation begins but the country still awaits the truth,” the Scottish National Party leader posted on Twitter. “The delay to Chilcot report is a scandal.”

Not sure it’s just his spokespeople, papster.

Whilst I haven’t heard it myself, I’m sure the radio news said that Blair had given an interview to CNN where he personally said much the same thing.

Ah thanks, bletch. That is unusual, although the Guardian article reckons he says this sort of stuff “regularly”, although if they have to point that out, he really doesn’t.

Report publication just round the corner?

…yep, if you own a DeLorean.


I think this qualifies as a thoroughly equivocal apology…

"I can say that I apologize for the fact that the intelligence we received was wrong because, even though he had used chemical weapons extensively against his own people, against others, the program in the form that we thought it was did not exist in the way that we thought,…

He’s 'fessing to lesser crimes because he’s trying to get away with mass murder. He’s got a number of problems on that front.

First, we were like, all FUCKING THERE, dude! We remember David Kelly saying that the case for war had been sexed up, we remember that a good fucking chunk of the dossier was lifted from an undergraduate’s dissertation. We know that most of the US intelligence came from an asset known as Curveball, a fantasist that essentially told the US whatever they wanted to hear in relation to Iraq. I appreciate that not everyone will be in possession of all of these facts, but even so, the picture Blair is trying to paint “we just didn’t know”, is complete hogwash. We did, some were brave enough to speak out about it, some of those didn’t live too long afterwards.

Even without the highly contested claims of the day, there was plenty of historical evidence to suggest that this was yet another example of the US military industrial complex spreading its wings, something it has done continuously since the end of the Second World war, either covertly or overtly. I’ll qualify this by saying that I’ve loved most Americans I’ve met, but the actions of their respective governments have been hugely damaging to the world. It is estimated that between 20 and 30 million people have been killed as a result of their foreign policy. That is a truly shocking number which any UK Prime Minister should consider before signing up to the latest US-led disaster.

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Thought this might have been about the short fat former England prop by the name of Gareth… Alas, it’s Blair and more on him having removed his trousers (pantalons, not the poster), dropped his Y Fronts, clasped his buttocks and spread them wide to reveal the brown target so that those with whom he had a ‘special relationship’ could grease him up and drill him a new ringpiece… the fact that the UK was so easily and willingly part of such a idiotoc, scandoulous and downright shocking foreign policy…is something shameful he will take to his grave… I am gald that he does probably not sleep well at night


Setting aside the serious nature of the report for one moment, I am going to enjoy every wriggle and squirm as Blair tries to salvage his reputation over this


Clare Short: “He’s not really sorry”.

Blair leaves the post of Middle East Envoy for Peace, surely one of the most overtly Orwellian political appointments ever.

The people of the Middle East – and much of the world – have been asking this question ever since Blair was appointed the Quartet’s man in Jerusalem, solemnly and hopelessly tasked to bring “peace” between Israelis and Palestinians. Was his new mission supposed to wash the blood from his hands after the catastrophe of the Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq and the hundreds of thousands of innocents who died as a result?

For Arabs – and for Britons who lost their loved ones in his shambolic war in Iraq – Blair’s appointment was an insult. The man who never said he was sorry for his political disaster simply turned up in Jerusalem four years later and, with a team which spent millions in accommodation and air fares, managed to accomplish absolutely nothing in the near-decade that followed.

The world’s looking a bit fucked up.

The sooner he is on trial for war crimes the better we shall be, a puppet for the US and Israelis agenda.

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The shot in the Indy article is priceless. Looks like an angel sent down to help the Israelis.


Shocking interview from CIA insider. Top quote:-

Watch from about 1m 25 seconds.

“If they’re not Americans, I really don’t care”

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Fuck me, American Dad come to life.

I agree about the Iraq war, and I think its the first time I’ve heard an american make that statement, but the rest is chilling

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Originally posted by @Rallyboy

The world’s looking a bit fucked up.

The world is Best Ever! Take that back what you said about The World! I’m big fan of the World. It only seems bad cos nowadays when there is Shady Stuff going down, we sometimes get to Hear About It.

If you don’t like it, you know what you can do? You can fuck off to live on Jupiter. Then when you’re asphyxiating, and ur knob snaps off due to extreme cold, maybe then you will think, hmm, maybe i shouldn’t have chat so much shit about The World.