☢ Chernobyl

Fucking hell, that all I can say, amazing but fucking hell.

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That is what a political regime can do, control the news and information and in turn kill its own.

Any chance of a link so we know what you’re blathering on about?


Drama on Sky… is good/scary

The explosion of the reactor, a tv show, fucking scary, very very fucking scary as it happened. They killed their own for state pride, denied the news to their own.

You do know the uk was showered with radioactive dust from Chernobyl? Some parts of Wales is still affected (I may be wrong about that, but hey what the hell with facts)
It was particularly bad in the NW, which may explain many things…


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Now watching Chimerica, again fucking scary.

You do realise we have a ‘good shows’ thread Barry?

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He finds it fucking scary :wink:

What do you think Goatboy?

Not as scary as Norris Green.

Why don’t you wear shorts in the Ukraine.

Chernobyl Fallout

(obviously this only works if you have male reproductive organs!)


If you live near Chernobyl you’ll probably have both. Or none.

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I think there was no need for a new thread.


I thought it was a one comment thread, to teach people correct grammar.

Annoyed it isn’t on any channel I can access easily.
The reviews & press in advance indicate it is sensational, and a lit of new interest and articles about the actual site.
British Drones, Red Trees etc.

Its amazing and they tried to get it as honest and true as possible, those fireman and facility workers were simply left to die while the Soviet Union covered it up, its fucking brutal.

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An interesting read here:

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People on here won’t believe it, they will not have it the Soviets covered up, I know the tv show had license but the worrying thing is the cover up was worse as opposed to the wrong date of the helicopter crash and deaths on the bridge etc etc.

The more I read about the Soviet Union the more I dislike, communism failed, it failed in China and they’re both totalitarian regimes.

A persons happiness and liberty is secondary to the states desires and wishes.

Russia has even up the ante now with RT, invasion and undermining authorities.