:pl: :chelseafc: Chelsea v Southampton :saintsfc: (Live on :bt_sport: Box Office)

:chelseafc: v :saintsfc:

  • :chelseafc: 0 -0 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 1 -0 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 2 -0 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 3 -0 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 0 -1 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 1 -1 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 2 -1 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 3 -1 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 0 -2 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 1 -2 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 2 -2 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 3 -2 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 0 -3 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 1 -3 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 2 -3 :saints:
  • :chelseafc: 3 -3 :saints:
  • :saints: 2 game winning streak is going to continue, #wemarchon
  • :chelseafc: are too much for the fragile temperament of the :saints: players, expect a rout #itsthehopethatkills
  • this has draw written all over it

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International Week over, back to the proper action, and this game can be watched for £14.95 on BT Sport Box Office (other extra-legal services are available)…

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Hmmm PPV or choose an alternative viewing option? :thinking:

Money grabbing bastards :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Makes no difference for me, I don’t have a Sky or BT Sports subscription so i haven’t been able to watch any of the matches anyway.

Sky does Now TV to watch games (on the rare occasions they bother to put on Saints games( @ £9.99 for 24hr pass) and I guess BT are doing the PPV this weekend. Have BT and Amazon neither of whom are particularly great for Saints games


Its on Astro sport 1 in Malaysia so no issue watching good picture inless its raining then will be buggered

We have it on Optus Sport. FOC with your phone or Internet plan :raised_hands:


I know fuck all about streaming but a mate introduced me to mobdro and it’s quite good to watch games on bein sports… Will probably watch it on that unless the Duchess wants me to paint the khasi ceiling.

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Have it on the blag, they can get to fuck.


Likewise. I’ve been watching all the PPV, boxing etc for three years on the magic box.

I am told

A good android backup to have is livenet.tv

Annoying adverts when clicking a different stream but often has a choice of stream for same event

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Poll added to OP, have at it sotonians…

Dyslexic saint has gone for a Chelsea win traitor :rofl::rofl:

No Djenepo or Armstrong. And, guess what, Salisu isn’t ready.

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Where did he say about Salisu? Can’t find that

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Lawro’s bang on the money again…

Chelsea v Southampton (15:00 BST)

Chelsea’s new players are finding their feet and right now it feels like teams will get opportunities against them.

Southampton have won their past two games after a sticky start to the season, and I am sure they will have their chances on Saturday too. I would still back the Blues to win, though.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

Rema’s prediction: 2-1

Strangley he hasn’t mentioned our lack of centre backs or THAT 0-9

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I’ve gone for a 3-1 win for Saints for this one on Superbru.

It’s a bold gambit, but let me explain my reasoning. Chelsea are far from the finished article, while we’re just hitting a bit of form.

Not sure we’ll keep a clean sheet, and I don’t think anyone would be comfy with 1-2. So 1-3 it has to be.

Plus we’ve done them 3-1 there before.

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