:chelseafc: Chelsea v Saints :saints: (PL)


:chelseafc: v :saints:

Lawro Says

Chelsea v Southampton

What will please Southampton supporters with new boss Ralph Hasenhuttl is his team are having a real go. For those who aren’t among the best in the league, there’s nothing worse than not having a go.

Southampton are going to be OK with him in charge because they will win games. It’s understandable conceding a handful of goals against the top teams; the key to staying in this league is beating the others.

Chelsea are a good, hardened side - they know what to do to win. They now sit five points above Arsenal in fourth but, despite the decent gap, the Champions League positions are not a foregone conclusion. Arsenal bully teams below them and can win half-a-dozen games on the bounce.

That top-five contest will run and run, and won’t be done until very late.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

Yatez’s prediction: 3-0

  • After hitting the :mancityfc: buffers head on, :saints: fire up their engine and leave the sidings with a narrow (1 goal) victory
  • :chelseafc: are knackered after playing no-one remarkable yet stumble and :saints: stroll to a 2+ goal victory
  • bore draw (:rofl::lou_facepalm_2:)
  • score draw
  • :chelseafc: strut about and score a handful without reply
  • :saints: are stuck on the buffers yet manage to stoke the engine a little but fall to a narrow defeat

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Feeling strangely optimistic for this one, Ralph resting players for Citeh makes me think that we’ll be fitter for the Chelsea millionaires. In fact we may even make shortbread of them :lou_facepalm_2:



Saving Cedric for Hazard obviously.
Meanwhile, what, no poll?



Lawro watch. Quote of the season for Saints.

“the key to staying in this league is beating the others.”

Both predicting home wins by the way 2-0 Lawro 3-0 Yatez(whoever he is)



Haven’t thought of anything witty yet, not that I have previously some may say, anyway I believe anyone at level 3 can edit the OP and add a poll. Now there’s a challenge for you.



After 6.5 hours of free beer & Vodka you suggest I do something tekkie?
Nope, not gonna happen

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It’s 1st January FFS
Why haven’t we signed a new team for this game?



I’m hopeful that Ralph will have studied his Opta Journeyman Pro guide very thoroughly, and before the end of the week we’ll have a whole new squad of tried and tested over-thirties, lining up to receive the rewards of their last lucrative contracts.



Before going on to join a Championship club managed by Warnock/Moyes/Bruce

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Poll added to the OP



Those questioning team selection v Citeh have some egg on their faces perhaps?



Because you can’t.



Was thinking more the Twitter mob Baz apologies

He indicates the changes were due to knocks not a sudden attack of insanity

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Canal Sport +2 here in Poland.
Have a pass to go into the City but it is expected to dump snow here overnight so don’t fancy a 3 mile walk from the train station after a slapping



Odds on JWP getting a Red card today?



Naaa…the article misquotes Ralph. The expression he used was “controlled aggression” so it will only be a yellow card. Trust me…ITK.



Always had the feeling JWP was coasting a bit, and probably the main reason no-one has ever come in with a serious bid for him, also likely the reason why after 6 years in the first team he is still struggling to be a regular part of the starting 11.

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Funny, but I never saw / see it that way.

I always see him at 100% but doesn’t have the pace for attacking positions or the bulk / aggression for defensive positions. Reckon he could thrive in a disciplined team under Hutch.



I will acccept all responcibility for tonights defeat if we do lose as i could not turn down odds of more than 10/1 for a Saints win.

We may pull a rabbit out of the hutch as they say. And i will be rolling in beer tokens