Anyone played with this yet?

I have just been upgraded on Bing with this (waiting list) and I have to say I am impressed

When you ask it a question and then it starts asking you follow up questions to improve the result was really impressive

I got it to write half a dozen emails today, which with a small amount of tweaking, we’re good to go

Massive time saver

My son tried it on a question from a mid term particle physics exam question he did recently.

It scours t’internet for relevant stuff and the response he got looked good - but wouldn’t pass muster with someone who knows the subject.

I guess it depends on what you want to use it for. I believe someone has already got an app/algorithm that can check for Chatgpt plagiarism

I wouldn’t take what it returns as gospel (not at this point in time) however as a tool to point you in the right direction, it’s brilliant. One thing I asked it to do - probably saved me a good hour of pissing about in google

Also the bing version is search optimised and the next gen on from the freebie one

I guess you’re right.

My only concern is that as it gets better will people will stop trying to think for themselves.
I think they will. At heart we’re lazy arsed fuckers mostly all out to do things the easiest way, even thinking and understanding things for ourselves.

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I guess you’ll have to submit handwritten in copperplate drafts to your publisher to stand a chance of getting it read?

I have an US friend Michael who is an AI Guru and lectures worldwide on the subject. He’s an MIT lecturer and I know him through my Classic Car hobby.

The “Chatbot” subject was raised in the car forum I moderate; asking technical questions etc. which returned some interesting results although not compete.

The guru’s info on Chatbot was this, “Actually my research since the turn of the century has been about raising a warning that such technology was closer than most suspected and that we had to use the opportunity to explore and mitigate its consequences. Few listened.”

Another friend followed up that comment by asking Chatbot about Michael’s prominent AI involvement. “ChatGPT denied my claim it was elitist when I tested it about its response to you. It seems to have not met you”

Michael replied, “Ha! Even more disturbing is that it knew nothing of me when I queried it about machine ethics— I all but coined that term! I think it knows I don’t approve of it.” :rofl:

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Hand delivered



…and encrypted with sealing wax.


But still printed off and copied from Chatgpt?


Anyone seen the new video creation version of this

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Yeah, but it’s Klarna :man_shrugging:

Its Klarna at the moment

new tech still developing and has already put pay to 700 jobs in one company

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Aptiv are a big software house here.
400 fired last week, 400 more this week.
They specialize in Automated Cars Technology
And Apple pulled out that game this week