Charlie Austin signs

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Southampton FC - (southamptonfc) on 16/01/2016

#SaintCharlie ( Staplewood Training Ground )

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Looks very cheap so an amazing bargain although I expect his wages will be high. Good signing.


I’d like to think we haven’t gone silly on wages despite the fee.

I await to be convinced about his top flight pedigree or fitness but would love to be wrong - come on Charles, show us you are da man…

I did hear he was on something like £75k. Getting rid of Caulker and possibly Ramirez will free up some cash for wages if we have had to pay around that amount. Also at £4m or so that is a steal. Good to have more options up top now and hopefully we will score more goals. Also it will shut those up on TSW who have been wittering on for weeks about lack of ambition etc. (although only until the next defeat).

Pleased with that. Lambertesque in style and finishing. Be happy if he’s half as successful.

Well he’s scored goals wherever he’s been and at all levels.Can’t help but be optimistic.

18 goals last season in a poor team.

Maybe he and JRod are going to share knees.


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Sourced from An Instagram share by southamptonfc instagram

Southampton FC - (southamptonfc) on 16/01/2016

Charlie Austin pulls on a #SaintsFC shirt for the first time, having signed a four-and-a-half-year deal with the club this morning. #SaintCharlie ( Staplewood Training Ground )

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No wonder Charlie Austin only cost £4m… #SaintsFC

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pleased with this signing. Even if he’s shit, it’s only £4m, which is just a little more than we paid for Mayuka. I can’t see him being shit, his goal scoring record at every club he’s been at is fantastic and he’s done in the Premier. For someone with apparently dodgy knees, he seems to play a reasonable amount of games. Think of all those chances we’ve missed this season…if they had been converted we’d be top of the league, probably.


Obviously a decent player but even better fashion sense, has the same LV bag as me.

Stoked with this though its a crazy decent transaction.

Fair fucking play, Saints. Quite possible that we’ll get his best years 'n all.

Ta for the early birthday present!

£4m for a 26 yr old English striker who scored 18 EPL goals for the shittiest team in the league??

this has the potential to be one of our canniest signings

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Great signing, got told of this of this a while back, apparently this deal was done a long time ago, Pelle going so I’m told as well.

£4 Million! I didn’t get told that!

Brilliant signing, he will score some cracking and important goals for us. Very excited by this one :slight_smile:

Really happy with this signing, will be interesting to see him and Long up together, think it could link the front 5/6.

Radio 5 amazed by this deal. “Absolute steal”

If Long doesn’t go to Liverpool…