:efl: Champioship :saints: Southampton v Cardiff City :cardiffcityfc:

:saints: v :cardiffcityfc:

Will be at this game.

Anyone out for beers?

@SO5-4BW and I, being old and dull, will be at Turtle Bay for cheap food at 1pm. They sell a range of beers too, also sensibly priced :grin:

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Ah, Welsh fans

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When God created Wales he gave it sheep and cows to provide food and clothes and he gave it coal to warm its people. He gave it rolling hills and beautiful valleys and towering mountains cutting into the sky. Then he bent down and kissed the top of a mountain and created the first Welshman. The Welshman asked him “my lord why have you given me all these great things” God laughed and said “my son you haven’t seen the neighbors I’m giving you yet!”


Still my greatest Saints game memory.
Cardiff City Centre near Outback.
Saints fan with a sheep on a rope walking down tge street who shouted out look lads I’ve pulled…
To this day no idea how or why or where it/they came from.
(Or even went to)


Come on you Baggies!

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Tyler Dibling is on the bench!

Oh and FFS - Arma & Adams cannot play together :man_facepalming:

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Fucking Manning!

More worrying with so many games coming up
Where is Smallbone?

It’s bloody cold today, it will feel like a home game for the sheep shafters.

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The Bluebirds did lose 1-0 at home to West Brom on Tuesday but have a good record at St Mary’s. They have won on their past three visits, the last of them with a stoppage-time winner in the Premier League in February 2019.

Boom! AA

Stream froze just as ball went to AA just knew and came back with the celebration

Quality finish that. It had to come, we’ve been all over them.

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And again.

AA simply cannot play with Che…

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Love that from Nick Heywood Trellis after that goal, saying more more to everyone.

Posts That Wore Well, Part 317 :smile::smile: