:efl: Championship :saints: Saints v Leeds United :leedsunitedfc: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:saints: v :leedsunitedfc:

Predict the outcome
  • Lunchtime K.O., live on :sky_logo:, only one outcome possible, :saints: loss
  • @BTripz not going to be able to watch this one, :saints: were beating :middlesbroughfc: until he started watching, :saints: going to win.
  • The Martin Philosophy produces the normal result, :saints: loss
  • somehow a draw ensues
  • bore draw, the least likely option
  • :saints: go ahead, then they lose their “braveness”, :saints: get dispossessed on the edge of the area, ball falls to a :leedsunitedfc: player who hammers home from outside the box. :saints: chase the game, lose the ball on the edge of the :leedsunitedfc: box, :leedsunitedfc: hump the ball upfield to their pacey forward who outruns Bednarek and slots the ball past Bazunu. :leedsunitedfc: to win

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Going to this one with my best mate who is a Leeds supporter. Not optimistic!

Is any Saints supporter, apart from @PhilippineSaint obvs?


What’s our club record for consecutive defeats?

Purely random thought, absolutely no reason for asking it at this particular point in time.


…just checked. The only stat I can find is six PL defeats on the trot, and we’ve managed that twice.

Like I always say, records are there to be broken, eh? :+1::+1::smile:

Calling @OzSaintDave

He’s gone on a long football sabbatical

Well, let’s say I’m more “naturally optimistic” as a human but as a Saints supporter that stance gets regularly challenged


This is true :grinning:

Saints are doing their best to break you this season though :wink:

They really are!

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I shall get this in now as I may not find a tv

Please add to the appropriate time in the game

Fuck off, just fuck off

You useless cunts

Shoot me now

I hate them


Have you got anything else for the remaining 85mins?


WOW I didn’t expect that!

Surely that falls into the “most unlikely thing to be said during the game” category?

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“Possession game suddenly clicks as rampant Saints thrash Leeds at St Mary’s. Ché Adams and Adam Armstrong register hat tricks during the rout, Saints first clean sheet of the season. Bookies slash auto promotion odds.”

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Was there some sort of hallucinogen in the pipes of that organ that you were tuning the other day?

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@scotty has been blowing somebodies pipe clean?
Tell me more.

…and then I woke up. :smile::smile:


It’s the Man from Atlantis…