:cash: Cashless Society?


Saw this and realised I haven’t used actual cash for at least the last two months apart from the £1 coin I keep to get a trolly for the weekly supermarket shop…anyone else?


Still get out cash and use it. Mainly to try and curb spending when earning half of what I used to.
Really should leave my card at home to help even more.


Yeah, I agree with @Intiniki I tried to go cashless but I lost control of what I was spending. I’d rather get £100 out of the cashpoint and spend that then I know how much I’ve actually spent.

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How the fuck are criminals supposed to operate?


It becoming more common

The sandwich man at work often doesn’t have enough change so you end up buying on tick until you get to a tenners worth or he brings the card machine in

The nippers exclusively pay on card - it’s just us old crusties clinging on to cash

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According to young adult *1 more and more of her friends are switching to actual cash to help them keep track of their spending. Apparently the bank of mum/dad has been complaining


Kid Goat prefers cash too. I think there is life in the old dog yet. Also the binmen/postmen don’t carry card readers for their Christmas tips.


Well being an oldie who had the learn that 12 pennies made a shilling, 20 shillings made a pound etc etc a lot of my generation are still living in the past. Someone knows someone who’s bank account was emptied when their card was stolen and now they won’t do anything that involves new technology…they won’t be separated from cash and their cheque book.

I’ve used Internet Banking since it was introduced and love it…never had any infiltration to my account, for me it couldn’t be easier. I’ve bought and sold onlne for the same length of time too.

I always carry my cards but also like to carry a little cash. I use cash to tip a waiter/waitress. What if the car breaks down…how will you tip the guy who does a good job to get it going again. Cards/cash = belt and braces.

BTW still have a cheque book…last time I used it was 2 years ago.


Cashless society would be a dangerous thing. Far too much control for the few. Think about how easy it is to shut down anyone’s access to their accounts/cards and leave them with no means to support themselves or their dependents. The control freaks will of course be salivating over the idea.


I have emergency bullion. So I’m good for soup if the shtf.


Buskers up here have card readers now. We saw one in the tube station saying min payment £2!


Real men carry cash, fucking boozers and people going Dutch and Tarquin paying for his wankfarers real ale on his card as he hasn’t any change, no you cunt you have no fucking money and are a fucking minge.


We are already there

Your wages go into an account and you have to use a card to get your cash out - you are already in the power of “the few”



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Not whilst cash still exists.

This would be true without cash, but you’d be surprised how many people still deal in cash only and i don’t need a card to get cash out, just a visit to one of the ever diminishing bank branches.
I get your point and it is kind of true for the majority, but cash, while it exists, offers an alternative to complete control of the few.


Hahahaha, quality post Bazza, really made me laugh. A few weeks ago i was reading a news report about ITV receiving several irate complaints from Coronation Street viewers in the South of England after one of the characters called another one a minge bag. Apparently down south it is a particularly vulgar expression which means that someone is a ‘dirty prostitute’. Up here in the north it is, of course, a commonly used expression to describe someone who is a tightarse, ie, someone who always disappears to the toilet when it’s his turn to buy a round. Wankfarers? I like it, can i nick that?


Of course, the cult of personality of Bazza starts small.


WTF are you going to moan about when you’re OLD Bazza…you’ll be a burnt-out hulk before you’re 50…awash with bitterness that your vision of Utopia has failed to appear in any shape or form.

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Any chance of being less sweary on your responses to me?
Real men don’t need to put a swear word in every sentence.


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