Can't wait for the clapper propaganda from the Death Star

They’ll believe it, still #wemarchon etc etc, what a crock of bollocks, we’re shit and we’re shit due to the system of business they employ, they’re continue to sell until we’re left with Forster, JWP and Yoshida as well and possibly Long leading the line,

Southampton FC - Selling since 1885

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Oh fuck off you relentless spastic.

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If only the players were relentless hey?

very dull

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Christ it’s a fuckwit off. Night all.


The fantasists hate it when reality puts one right on their kisser, buckle up sweethearts its going to be a proper wank season, leaving at half time is proper gash, stay and have a pop at the crap tactics, the lack of heart, the pathetic way our club is silently selling off assets, the silence of our new owners etc etc, don’t go show some passion.

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Someone open a window, it stinks of piss stained sheets in here.

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What a total wanker you are. How much shit did you deliver to Puel when he was here? You constantly spout bollocks. Do us all a favour and just fuck off.

You can’t help yourself can you?

As shit as tonight’s performance was, I am happy that Puel has shown why we employed him.


The heart of a liberal really is a beautiful thing…

The brain of the persistent troll is as dumb as fuck


One thing we can count on is rational debate going out of the window when Baz returns

Guess it adds diversity to the site (can I mention diversity and Baz in the same post? )

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Its pretty clear now Fat Sam would have been our best option back in October. He is proving how shit he is at Everton…

To expensive however for our tight Swiss Chinese billionares and too British for our sophisticated fans.

We will probably have to go for an English manager soon in the championship.

Still even when its stareing most supporters in the face they will still be happyier slagging off each other than upsetting the owners who dont give a fuck about the club or them as long as they keep spending.

Saying it was wrong to slag off Puel is pathetic. He was boring dull and the football was shit. Its the board and owners who replaced him with someone worse. I cant remember anyone calling for Pelligrino to be appointed. Reed keeps on gambling on pulling another Mo Po out of the hat. Mo po is a far better manager and inherited a far more motivated team. Pelligrino has inherited a team of mercenarys and one of the worst coaches in football in Black. All of this at the behest of Kat lliebre who wanted to suck as much money out of the club as possible to pay her tax bill

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If I’m a troll you keep biting you homophobic mutant.

It really is Barry. Having a heart makes us human. Being human means that we make mistakes. All of us. That includes people at Southampton Football Club. You seem to be unable to deal with that fact that the club you follow are imperfect so perhaps this isnt for you? I would like to apologise for snapping at you last night. I had spent many hours in the pub and drinking on an empty stomach doesnt work well for me. I wasnt following the match so when I saw the final result I was gutted. The last thing you want in that situation is to read one of your infantile rants. Why do you do it? It really doesnt change a thing and only adds more fuel to the fire. Perhaps winding other people up helps you deal with your emotions? Maybe you should try another tact? Life is full of disappointments Barry and it is a measure of us as humans as to how we deal with them. If this is how you handle a football team losing a match, I worry for you being able to deal remotely competantly with more serious life issues.

I think the most shocking thing this thread proves, is that some people still don’t understand how extremely rich business people operate. They are not obliged to be financially benevolent and very few are, so why are some of us so incensed that they haven’t chucked around billions(i won’t mention the fact that they haven’t had a window to spend in yet, even if they wanted to).

So far i have read how our last manager is shit and it’s the players not him that are achieving, but that doesn’t excuse our present manager from being called shit, even though he has apparent lesser players. But not to fear, we have people with the insight to suggest we should have gone for a racist bung merchant, who’s greatest achievement is being manager of a couple of teams that nearly went down, but just scrapped through(that’s because of the players really, as stated above). How did Les ever get the job when the Internet is full of people with the vision to think like this?

I’ll happily bet anyone that thinks we will be in relegation battle come spring. Stump up or shut up. It’s fucking tedious.


Maybe it is clear to you but I dont think many other Saints fans would agree, even now. It comes to something when Fat Sam is your best option. The football with Puel wasnt always shit. I dont think you would find many Saints fans who would have turned their noses up at 8th and a decent Cup Final at the start of the season. With a Summer transfer window under his belt who knows what Puel could have achieved? Early days but he seems to be doing just fine at Leicester, despite being so dreadfully dull. How do you know that Black is one of the worst coaches in football? Do you ever attend training sessions? How do you know that Ms Leibherr sucked money out of the club to pay her tax bill? How do you know the owners dont give a fuck about the club? Do you attend the board meetings as well as all of the training sessions. You, like Barry, keep trotting out pointless assumptions as if they are facts. The facts we do have are that we are not a super rich club. Through some judicious use of transfer funds we have managed to punch above our weight for a number of seasons. Each season small to medium sized clubs show that you can do it in the short term. Leicester did it big time as Burnley are having a good crack at it this season. Lets see where they both are in two or three seasons time. To consistantly be a top 4 to 6 club it takes a massive investment. As we dont have that kind of financial clout we are reliant on finding affordable (for us) talent. As we know, when we find real talent, be it a player or manager, the bigger clubs come calling. Unless we end up being owned by a super rich benefactor who is happy to throw billions at the club year in year out, we are always going to bounce along, fighting with the rest over the scraps. The Championship is full of clubs like Southampton FC. What gives us the right to think we are entitled to be cemented in the top of the Premiership? Supporters moaned under Puel, under Koeman, under Pochettino, under Adkins, under Pardew. Nothing is ever good enough. Perhaps a season spent battling relegation will restore a bit of balance?


I dont have any future vision or any insight into football or knowlege of rich business people. I just read the comments of people looking down their noses at some managers just because they are either fat or a Brumie I dont know because the results dont sugesst they are shit. I know nothing of the racist stuff and the bung stuff is down to an inflated ego and boasting through ignorance as far as Im concerned.

With regard to bilionaries I dont trust them just like I dont trust coke dealers. They operate in the same way. What I object to is the reverential praise they get from supporters who they are ripping off.

With regard to Les, heis just a captain Mannering who got lucky. There are plenty of people in the football industry who could do his job. Its not brain surgery for fuck sake. It just takes a knowledge of the industry and a netwrok of contacts very similar to most jobs in the building industry.

What I find tedious is people who find excuses for all those basterds. People who through some form of mistaken faith dont want to ask for more and take the caretakers of the club to task . Doft their cap and go home. Things are never given you always have to take them. The club is a disgrace. The talk of minimum wages for example as far as I have heard that still hasnt been sorted.


I dont look down my nose because he is fat or because of where he comes from. I look down my nose at him because he is one of the “brown envelope” brigade. If he was so wonderful why has he never been employed by a top club. Everton only ended up with him because he was a last option.

As for Les getting lucky. He did so for many seasons so fair play to him.

I am not finding excuses for people. At the same time I have realistic expectations as to what a club of our size can actually achieve. We have done brilliantly since we climbed our way back into the Premiership. It wasnt going to last forever was it? The writing was on the wall last year and the signs arent wonderful going forward this season but we have new owners and a transfer window coming up so instead of calling for heads and stamping our feet, let’s see what happens eh? The problems will get sorted or they won’t, but either way, life will go on.

As for the club being a disgrace, seriously?

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