Can Saints be bald and clip the Eagles wings, Despardo as they are for a win

Can Saints be bald and clip the Eagles wings, Despardo as they are for a win


Will Tuesday evening be a peaceful easy feeling or will we be hiding our crying eyes (artisitc license employed before Mr Pedant says anything).

Time to live in the fast lane and drink some Tequilla Sunrise.

Good point against an out of sorts United on Saturday for the Saints but Palarse are on quite a roll at the moment, first team to take a point off of City since before Jesus was born!!!

We’ve had the extra day of rest and one of the disruptive influences in the team has gone.

Lets be having them then shall we

3-0 to the Saints, yes you heard it correct, 3-0 to the Saints.


I would have started the thread along the lines of “Will Eddie The Eagle be on the slippery slope and carry on going downhill…” Or something like that.

Anyway both teams will be riding high on pleasantly unexpected results so I reckon it’ll be close.

2:1 to Saints




2-0 As long as Pellegrino didn’t fuck about with the team too much (ie drop McCarthy, Hoibjerg and Boufal).


Bald star spangled :eagle: gets spanked!


:lou_surprised: Fuck me BTDonner-und-Blitzen… should have done the David Brent gag about ‘‘Eagles may soar, but weasels dont get sucked into jet engines’’ instead we get 70s 'soft Calrock references… what next, walking through the desert on a horse with no name?

3-0 starting the year as we mean to go on :lou_wink_2:


It’s spanking time

8 -0

To the Saints


I predict a sparkling display full of verve,flair and destructive intent.

As a 94 pass move leads directly to our 5th goal the camera catches Walcott talking to his new team mate sturridge (only they’ve forgotten to place their hands over their mouths)… “how the fuck will we get into this team” we all lip read. Sturridge replies; “I’d be happy just to be on the bench, this is beautiful”.

After the 7th goal goes flying in the top corner from a majestic shane long back heel, again the camera zooms in on Theo and Sturridge. A Chinese man is seen removing their clothes and jewelley and placing them into bags. They are so enthralled by the match they appear not to notice.

Bazza is spotted sat on Kat’s lap smiling manically as Roy Hodgson repeatedly bangs his head on the dugout.

Happy days. COYS !!


Neither side can score.

They likely to have Dann & Sakho out Bert may be back but possibly no Cedric

PEH and JWP came close to motm last game so will be dropped.

Luckily this starts about 3am here so won’ be watching



Shit, soz for the accidental down vote AG. Although 3-0 is fanciful!


Good to start the New Year with a proper 6 pointer. All the new plastics are about to get the taste of a proper relegation battle at last. Bring it on!


That’s us fucked then :-

Southampton v Crystal Palace (19:45)

Southampton looked very comfortable in their draw at Manchester United last time out.

Crystal Palace ran Manchester City so close at Selhurst Park on Sunday and gave Arsenal a scare in the Gunners’ 3-2 win at Selhurst Park on 29 December, but Roy Hodgson’s squad is quite thin and that tends to show at this time of year as the games come thick and fast.

**Lawro’s prediction: ** 1-0


The live prem table doesn’t make for pleasant reading right now. We have to beat palace.


Hooty is out with a knocked noggin.



Looks like Puncheon and Dann likely to be out tonight after injuring themselves while injuring de Bruyne at Citeh.

Looks like Sakho is out too - leaving Pal-arse light of options.

Fingers crossed we take advantage and don’t fuck it up…


2-0 Saints.



I suppose it is Van Dijk’s fault that Shane Long starts tonight at home to Palace, even though he hasn’t scored for nearly 30 games. Gabby must be spitting feathers.


I would like to see us go a goal down (early on mind), then come back to win 2-1 or 3-1 just to show that this team has some balls and can actually dig deep and turn a match around. That’s all I want. To see some balls. I want to see more balls in 2018.


Have a furtle and see what you find…