🐜 Cameron: "A swarm of people"

:ant: Cameron: "A swarm of people"


Don’t forget active EDL fan “Griffo.”


Well, hypo you’d sort of expect. He has often been one to swim in the wake of the arguments of bigger boys. The surprise is Tim, who is about to rediscover Malthusian Population Theory as a side-effect of not wanting to stray too far from the pack.


Has he moaned about how quiet the EDL’s travelling supporters are yet?


I was thinking of posting this over there and then realised how pointless it would be because it wasn’t said by Churchill of Thatcher or Clarkson:


Back off the inter-forum comment, the big symbolic number of 20,000 refugees isn’t that impressive as it sounds. It’s a commitment over five years, there are already millions of refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, so it’s a drop in the ocean delivered at the speed of a glacial formation.

There is a piece in the Guardian that is pretty damning, not just of the lack of commitment at the present time, but also the long term funding of refugees. Councils have shown willing in taking them on, especially in the North, but the government, doubtless for political reasons, has restricted funding of any asylum seeker for one year of a five year stay. The councils don’t know whether they can take the risk.

We bear an enormous amount of responsibility for the situation in the region, and if there is any silver lining, however undeserved, it’s that the West has got off relatively lightly. I’m not trying to trivialise the attacks that have occurred on our soil. I’m just remarking that we’ve seen many of the consequences of war, such as destablisation and the flight of refugees without actually experiencing many of the setbacks.

One of the real shames, evident in that thread and elsewhere, is that people have no concept of how we might have contributed to the human tragedy snaking across Europe, or not getting here at all, claiming some kind of inherent superiority because we haven’t gotten ourselves into such a mess.

We are lucky. We enjoy many of the benefits of imperialism without ever having to have gotten involved. We can usually wash our hands of most stuff and say “sins of the father, mush”, and be relatively okay with that provided we’re not twats ourselves (I mean that figuratively, not literally, unionhotel - no charges are being brought).

Not with the refugee crisis. Cameron voted for Iraq, was instrumental in destablising Libya with his bi-lateral action with France. Neither he nor Blair thought much about the post-conflict situation, which includes the people fleeing their very dangerous countries now. I get told off for referring to my compatriots as the moronic British public, and pantheistic creator bless you all (provided he’s one of those creators that gives a fuck) for not emulating what I’ve seen elsewhere, which is some solid vindication of my controversial stance.


One of my favourite novels “Bonfire of the Vanities”, Written in the late 80’s and Tom Wolfe’s satirical take on Wall Street and 80’s capitalist excess. The De Palma movie is awful and best avoided.

One chapter always stayed with me, chapter 15. The protagonists, Sherman and his wife Judy attend a dinner party in Manhattan. Wolfe has some fun joking about “high society” manners. The conversation is taken over by Aubrey Buffing, an English poet dying of Aids. He likens western society to the Edgar Allen Poe story “Masque of the Red Death” In the story, Prince Prospero gathers all his noble friends together in his castle, where they plan to shut out the rest of the world and avoid the great plague, the Red Death, as it ravages the commoners. Safely behind the walls, the guests enjoy themselves at a festive masked ball. But a guest dressed as Death interrupts the party. When the Prince tries to eject him, he falls down dead. To their horror, they realize that the Red Death has entered their sanctuary, and one by one, they all die.


I’m reading that book now. Just got to chapter 13.



I’m beginning to think that social media is just the place where you go to discover deep, dark and previously undiscovered ignorance.

Created this out of frustration.


That is, amongst all the other obvious stuff, one of the primary thing that annoys me.

Particularly that awful poster the world’s dumbest superhero posted. Asylum seekers cannot claim benefits. Until asylum is granted, they live on around £5 per day.


Do you seriously not understand what being an asylum seeker is? It’s really not hard.

One day, you are a normal person living a normal life (y’know with clothes and other such things), then war starts. Over time, conflict ramps up, infrastructure is eroded and the probability of living a remotely normal, or safe life decreases. To be an asylum seeker, it does not mean your entire life has been lived in destitution, it means your normal life has been rendered unlivable due to conflict.

Then again, it makes sense that these reactionary morons cannot differentiate. The media they consume deliberately conflates asylum/refugee with migrant to carry on peddling that invading scrounger myth. As perfectly exemplified by DumbBat.

On the plus side, he actually gave me an idea for a game :slight_smile:


As I said the UK should and could take the lead on this, we should have taken a large % of women, children and families, the single men should have to be vetted as they are by far the largest contingent of travellers. To me thats not unfair at all and completely above board.


We’re not going to. We’ve gone for the easy PR option (20K), which even if we took them all now (we’re not), is bugger all compared to what the neighbouring countries already have.

Cameron has spent the last couple of years railing against migrants, the birth of this thread being one of the most recent examples. For all the outpouring of grief we had last week, there are still people putting awful images up or making utterly ignorant statements.

My latest favourite is that during WW2, the Brits didn’t have refugees. What the fuck is an evacuee if not a refugee? We sent 14K of our own kids overseas for the duration, and that’s before you take into account any of the British citizens that were displaced due to conflict across the Empire.

Perhaps they forget that we had aid streaming in from overseas for the duration, on the never never from the US. They’re possibly forgetting that even if the British had wanted to run somewhere, it probably wasn’t an option. Bah, humans suck sometimes.


Here is one for you, Cameron and probably most of the elite would like to do more as it doesn’t affect them, why would it? They are detatched from real life, they don’t do it as it would lose votes.

Cameron is more pro European than any tory I can remember.

The other thing to remember is Germany needs workers (600,000) and has ageing population and growing economy,we already have a booming popualtion so dont need the workers, lets not actually beileve a Nation is doing this solely forthe benefit of the needy? Big business needs the workers so they’ll be supplied with some. Lets get a reality check here, Germany, Sweden and Austria need the workersdue to their fertility rates and ageing populations, they’ll ask the EU to spreadout the people once they have the skilled migrants, its not rocket science


It has been suggested that Germany is cherrypicking the best refugees as the more qualified and better off are likely to arrive first - if this is true, then the UK has taken a stance that looks both heartless and stupid.


We need to get in quick before all the good refugees are gone.


This. We need to be getting onto those trains full of refugees before the dirty Germans can get first dibs.

We need to adopt an agressive bootsaler mentality or the country will go to the dogs.


That’ll be it - we tried to claim the best refugees but found the streets of Syria already laden with German beach towels…

It’s like Daniel Levy is doing our recruitment, we’re going to get stuck with the thickos that no one else wants…to help.


Too late, I fear. I’ve seen reports that the German “welcoming parties” are in reality a crack corps of highly-trained staff, battle-hardened by many Mediterranean holidays. By now they’ll have draped beach towels over all the best refugees.


Saw this elsewhere. The last line of her tirade about baked goods is perfect:


But as always it misses the point,that says more about self hate and loating than anything else. To keep it level are the people of Hungary and Slovakia racist? That lady does not know a racist, go to Poland, Germany and the Balkans and they’ll show you what Nationalism really truly is, its not a race to the bottom but fuck me we are a meek and mild Nation,nothing like we used to be. Thats the extreme left I have always been on about, a person who hates htis Nation simply because she can, she is strangely racist herself though. To her a patriot would be a racist.


Agreed Barry. Let’s swap her for one of the good refugees.