🐜 Cameron: "A swarm of people"

The Prime Minister is in hot water for describing migrants in Calais as “a swarm of people”.

Labour have criticised the PM, saying that by using that particular collective noun, he’s comparing them to insects.

Fair point?

    1. People are being over-sensitive
    1. Cameron should choose his words more carefully.
    1. Cameron is bang out of order.
    1. This is political opportunism on the part of the Labour Party

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Mrs Stickman came in from the balcony early this morning and reported a swarm of Germans descending on all the prime pool-side sun-loungers.

Rest assured I gave her a good ticking off for comparing our European cousins to insects.

Cameron should choose his words more carefully…and peeps in Labour party should likewise.

Usual bullllshite from both pathetic parties. :laughing:


I suppose it’s better than a plague of people

By the way I support the new sotonians.com red and white raving loony party led by a total shower :wink:

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i was there, and they was definitely swarming. I can’t even think of another word that means quite the same thing. Flock maybe I spose is similar if they’re ok being birds. I think I will give the Cameron bro a pass on this one tho tks.

A ‘band’ or ‘melee’ might be more appropriate from the images that I’ve seen.

what about “marauding gangs”

what about “marauding gangs”

or less controversial “a gaggle”

I was sitting on the fence between 3) and 4).

I could understand, once I’d gotten over my amazement at the appointment, an uneducated person mixing up collective nouns to gaffe-generating effect. Cameron is many things; uneducated isn’t one of them. Indeed, his only actual job outside of politics was in media, so what with the education, the career and the weight he knows his words must have, he should definitely have scoured his internal thesaurus for a more palatable alternative.

I ended up voting 3), but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it was 4). The Conservatives, whatever else you might say about them, are sharp political operators. This could be a deliberate choice of words, carefully calculated to sing to their choir while simulatenously making political opponents look like a bunch of whiners. If that’s the case, mission accomplished.

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I voted 4, partly because I dislike the use of language and the deliberate portrayal of people as nothing more than a nuisance that we all wish would just go away. Also because Cameron is a cunt.


Can’t argue with that, and as with most political pronouncements these days, seems to be predicated on everyone being born yesterday.

“The migrants are just a problem. They’ve always been a problem. We have no part in causing any of those problems. We can’t help it if we’re attractive”.

We’ve always been at war with Eurasia, etc.

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This. Pretty much.

To expand a bit further. I find it abhorrent to use people that are unfortunate enough to find themselves in countries of conflict, and have little option to travel 100s/1000s of miles, often risking their lives to try and find something better as a bag to punch for political capital.

These are people, it’s through nothing more than sheer luck that we were born in this country, or Cameron was born into such a wealthy, priviliged position. The same as it was entirely these people find themselves in such a shit position.

But this govt that wants to end the age of entitlement, is saying we are more entitled to a certain quality of life, through fluke of birth. Which, really is what Cameron and his aristocrat cronies are all about. So fuck the lot of them.


Compare this thread to the Calais thread on The Other Place. Thank fuck you set this place up, Pap.


I just drove to calais to have a look and it was like this:

I havn’t looked, but I almost feel I can guess who is saying what.

Fucking hell. Worse than I though, 5 posts in I want to throw up.

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I’ve just looked + whitey granddad is like, France is pretty good county, what is the big deal bout coming to England if ur already in France? I blame movies, cos England prob looks pretty sweet if you’ve only ever seen James Bond, Carry On and i.e. Four Weddings & A Funeral. Poor bros are gonna be gutted when they finally get here and find it’s more like i.e Ken Loach depicts.


How much do we all actually know?


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