🐜 Cameron: "A swarm of people"

:ant: Cameron: "A swarm of people"


I think sometimes having “Rule 1” really brings it home to people.

A phrase such as “200 people drowned whilst trying to flee Syria due to ISIS activity” doesn’t really bring home the impact, however a picture of the sea awash with 200 floating corpses really rams it home!

I must admit to being blase about the scale of what is going on but now that single child has made me rethink my opinions.

I’m not sure if Barry was joking earlier when he said let them have their Caliphate but I think that has to be the solution. Let them have their Caliphate, anyone not wanting to live there has, say, 6 months to leave. All the people wanting to join the Caliphate can go there quite happily. However once you’re in, you stay in!

Logistics of policing the border of the Claiphate yet to be decided but it can be done.

Oh, and they have their Caliphate, leave the rest of the world alone to live their lives how they see fit. Same for us/the west, let them get on with how they treat their people no matter how abhorrent it may appear. Remember the people had the choice to live there or not!!


I think this is slightly different as it’s a manmade tragedy, these horrific pictures have to be shown, it’s a duty for them to be aired.




We also have to be honest and say this is blatent opportunism by Germany as well, its distracts from their alledged poor behaviour with Greece and acting the bully over repayments, (where is the Greece problem of late has it even been on the news) they also have a labour shortfall of 600,000 so Merkel knows she can fill some of these postions (Germany has one of the lowest birthrates in Europe and one of the oldest populations) in taking them in.

It can not last though and this is a sticky plaster,unitl the war ends in the middle East (not just Syria) and the place is stablilised with work, promise and stability nothing will change, religious dogma yet again at fault (as well as the West’s interventions or the lack of it on occasions) in the main.


And I’ll add where are Saudi Arabia in all this? What are they doing?


Whatever they fucking like with no official criticism whatsoever.


I wonder why?


Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

I wonder why?

Knowing full well that this question was rhetorical, I also realise that I probably haven’t had a proper rant on this here yet. You know why, so don’t for a second think I’m trying to educate. Just getting it off my chest.

For all the bluster about freedom, equality, human rights and pursuit of happiness (an American ideal, I know - but they’re involved), we really don’t give a fuck about those things. Not enough to say something about it, in case it affects the relationship with our friends. We’re happy to moan about the number of executions in Iran, or even Russia’s legislation about not promoting a homosexual lifestyle to minors, but the Saudis can kill people for being gay and we don’t say a fucking word.

A simple assessment might put the Saudis in the position of drug dealers, with the West as its client. We need that shit, yo. Oil, influence, money to transform London into a giant game of monopoly played by Qatar and Saudi.

“This dude provides! Do you know how difficult it is to find? Who gives a fuck if the dealer is a cunt in his own house”

That’s basically it. We need to break the dependency.


It’s quite sad to see all the little Englanders debating with themselves in the other place. Verbal ventured in, but I think we should just let them get on with their self-congratulatory discussions


It’s like Whelk said - the whole thread reads like a Daily Mail comments section. Depressing stuff really.


I really like Whelk, we should get him back over here, especially as I think things can be done on a phone now.

The situation over there is a direct result of this place’s establishment, imo. I read those threads and can see a few of you weighing in with one-liners. st_alex and Hockey Saint are making a brave go at it, but I suspect the penny will drop with the pair of them soon enough.

It really isn’t about having a huge ding-dong all the time, and trust me, that debate is unwinnable as long as the bollocks one-liners offered by the likes of Sour Mash and Batman are accepted as legitimate points, because at that point, you’re just fighting with a mob.


It’s becoming a bit of a closed-echo chamber, most of the posters who would’ve had contradictory ideas and opinions to a lot of the stuff posted on there now have come over here - basically Pap, you’ve ruined SaintsWeb :wink:

I’ve been tempted to weigh in on certain debates over there, but like you say, you’re fighting against a mob half the time. Trying to debate with Sour Mash and Batman is completely fucking exhausting, i’m not attempting that without backup!


Originally posted by @SuperMikey

It’s becoming a bit of a closed-echo chamber, most of the posters who would’ve had contradictory ideas and opinions to a lot of the stuff posted on there now have come over here

I think that is true.

basically Pap, you’ve ruined SaintsWeb :wink:

Smiley fully acknowledged, I think not. I never had that power. Steveweb had a straight up choice, and did not choose wisely. You’re left with Batman, and sadly, the worst Batman ever.

I’ve been tempted to weigh in on certain debates over there, but like you say, you’re fighting against a mob half the time. Trying to debate with Sour Mash and Batman is completely fucking exhausting, i’m not attempting that without backup!

Why would ya? The only form of interaction over there is a reply, and the vast majority of those are negative, either in a reactive sense of the amount of thought put into it. Yes, I _am _suggesting that people take thought out of their posts :cool:

“Fuck me, that post looked reasonable. I qualified far too many of my points and I didn’t insult anyone. That’ll soon change!”

etc. etc.


Sour Mash’s latest post on that thread is the epitome of why you can’t debate with anyone on there - he completely ignores Verbal’s point in order to be WUM. I know “the internet is serious business” and all, but some people on that site really take the piss and ruin the chances of having a reasonable and thoughtful discussion about anything.

Fully expecting there to be a post on there soon about how we’re talking about them…


Batman is getting a new kitchen.


Saintsweb is a snake rat infested grass forum full of complete and utter bellends, there are a few on here I would sit down with for a beer, not because I like them (I dont know them) but because they intrigue me, they are as boring as fuck and if you disagree or have an opinion against you are school like bullied and put doWN, i actually enjoyed that as it show what these middle aged men actually were in a little clique ha ha fuck me its a forum.

I hope they read this, Lallana is now a Liverpool player and your site is a sad rat grassing cunt of a hole and I like this site for being able to say that you shower a cunts…


Pub lunch was it Baz? :wink:

I agree though, it’s sad how the usual suspects all seem to team up to attack certain posters.


Ha ha no I wish, was digging borders and footings today and spent the afternoon in bandq pretending like I knew what I was doing (still can’t decide whether I slab or pour concrete). Thats the way I feel about the place, I am genuiely still pissed off the way I was banned without no chance for an explanation, it was an opportunist witchhunt which again is thoroughly depressing when men conduct a pack mentality, fuck being with them in the trenches the little rats.


More flocking than swarming? It is not a threat it is more like harmless sheep, looking for a better field to go to. Swarm suggest something completely different. Harmful.

Seriously as the PM he should be using proper speak, not mixing up metaphors.


Where are Saudi Arabia you asked before getting distracted by the other place.

Well, they are trying very hard to keep the Shia’s (supported by Iran) from getting a foothold in the Arabian Peninsular. It may not seem very important to those brought up under PC because the first view anyone has is “Bad People” “No Rights”. But right back to the dawn of this region (either post Lawrence or Post Mohammed (PBUH) ) The Shia’s have not been happy that the extremist Sunni’s (ie Wahabi’s) have been the Custodians of Islams greatest Holy Places. (In the PC world you never really give a thought to the Jews running Christianity’s most Holy Places so you wouldn’t quite comprehend the emotions)

Anyway, Yemen being a baskjet case was ruled by a (alegedly) corrupt moron Sunni and from the poverty & corruption, local villagers (or Tribes) created small militia and kidnapped tourists for a living. Then came a protest movement, started on a simple wave of popular unrest but that quickly got hijacked by the Tribes, the Sunni backed Al Qaeda in the Gulf and then the Shia backed Houthi’s.

So you have a proxy war in Yemen. This weekend the UAE soldiers who rescued that British Hostage from Al Qaeda got killed in a missile attack - 45 of them, along with about a dozen Saudis & probably others. The “Coalition” is building up for a major ground offensive. You have seen occassional stories about Saudi bombing “Civilians” (as if t he Brits & US never did that by accident in Iraq/Afghanistan & Libya), but anyway Saudi has been on a War footing for over a year now, with major economic impact in the region. The UAE even introduced National Service 18 onths ago because of this increased “Instability”

The Western Papers are now starting to promote the Saudi is bad line. Partly because Obama is a Shia and signed a deal to be friends with Iran and “The Industrial Complex” of the West smells money and so Iran is now good and the Sunni’s are not.

They are all the same. Islam contains nothing about elections and democracy, it simply is a book of life. Trying to impose Western (actually Christian created) values (because we’re civilised innit) simply is impossible, this place in way more than 50 shades of grey and that is far to much for the simpleton view of the world (Good/Evil) that the West has.

Saudi is at War. They are Sunni’s. Bashar (The Bad Guy) is a Shia, as will be many of those forced from their homes by ISIS.

All the GCC nations are spending hundreds of millions on Aid and infrastructure for the refugee camps but they will not open their doors to refugees. In fact they closed them back in 2012, (after Bahrain accepted 10’s of thousands of them) and a Syrian cannot get a Work Permit here any more.

The PROBLEM the West cannot face up to is that Syria WAS Sectarian. Multiple Communities lived in harmony (it is the Shia way actually). The opposition is totally mixed up. The ANSWER is to support Bashar, work with Russia and Iran to defeat the opposition forces and unify the Nation. It also requires a transition of power from Bashar & The Ba’ath party towards a pseudo democracy. It will take 2-3 years of fighting and 2-3 years of support and aid and education to begin rebuilding institutions.

But of course the West has walked out, they couldn’t be bothered to plan for post Arab Spring, Post Iraq, Post Afghanistan.

And so the people will keep walking out of these falied states.

Syrians today. Iraqis next then the Yemenis.

It is just beginning.