🐜 Cameron: "A swarm of people"

:ant: Cameron: "A swarm of people"


You can’t blame schools / government for ignorance and racism… parents take most of that…


But why are the average standards of parents lower in much of the poorer sections of the UK population than say German Polish or Scandinavian societies.
Here in Poland the extended family would never allow the mess that UK has made of family and school life.
Its not perfect but UK allowed council house trash to be left out of society and so you get dumb voters.
I think that’s what i meant


To be honest, there is cultural difference, being half German… the poor in Germany/Poland still have pride /aspiration. In the UK, much of that was knocked out of the poor by Thatcher’s exploits… the seeds having been sown, IMHO, by the them v us attitude with respect to 60s and 70s union vs management escalating to the point where The evil Witch felt she ha d a mandate to fuck communities without compassion… that loss of pride and aspiration has meant parents lose motivation for their kids - hope has gone and that leaves folks the perfect foils for those that like to blame that loss on immigrants etc…




Bit harsh to call people council house trash.


Oi. I’m council estate trash and have got a much better scooby of how the world works than Guardian readers and Radio4 listeners, thank you very much.


Cheeky cunts. I’m “council house trash” and have never felt left out of society. All this faux concern for “the poor” is middle class, Guardian reader, SJW bollocks. It’s lazy, sweeping and incorrect. Not everyone who has grown up on a council estate has been rooked over by Thatcher in the 80’s. Not everyone who had grown up in a council estate has felt isolated by society, unable to progress or found no opportunity. Not everyone who has grown up on a council estate has been unable to be educated and live like fucking morlocks.


Yeah see what you did tgere Pap. The trash levels of some council estates doesnt type so easily.
Obviously not all council estate trash (US definition Trailer Park Redneck subsection of trash)
Equally, for a better description kindly check out the Daily Fail home page most days :wink: