:pl: :burnleyfc: Burnley v Saints :saints:

:burnleyfc: v :saints:

  • First game of the season hoodoo strikes, :saints: : fail to get out of the starter block and fail miserably, :burnleyfc: by 2+ goals
  • The lack of a CB acquisition costs us dear, Yoshi succumbs to his “one a game” bad backpass and :burnleyfc: strike to win by the odd goal
  • :saints: score more than they concede and win by 2+ goals
  • bore draw
  • score draw
  • a tight and entertaining contest see :saints: win by the odd goal
  • none of the above but :saints: win
  • none of the above but :burnleyfc: win

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0-1. Che Adams 93rd minute after coming on as sub, you heard it here first people :lou_wink_2:

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I have got my ticket booked.

Been there 3 times … 3 draws, the pick of them being 3-3 late 70’s promotion year.
Really weird day. Majority of games postponed due snow. Went on Bingo Bus and everytime they read out the few games still being played on the radio we went under a bridge and lost the rado signal, and only found out game was on when we got to Burnley. How did we ever survive withouth mobilephones and Internet uh? Was amazed to see about 10 coaches parked up. Soon found out when we got inside, with pockets of liverpool, Man U, Chelsea, Newcastle and Halifax (!) fans having sporadic scraps with each other. Ours was just about the only game to survive thanks to Turf Moor being one of the few grounds with under ground heating. we came back from 3-1 down to pull off an entertaining draw and set us up nicely for the promotion run in.


Are any of you knobheads making the trek oop north to Burnley? Likely pubs for me are The Ministry of Ale and BierHouse. Think I’ll give the cricket club a swerve. A few beers in Manc on the way and return will be in order as well, citeh are at WHU early KO so may see some of them returning from there, Man u playing Sun. Should be able to walk about relatively unchallenged!!
Transport will be a mix of bus wankery and trainspotting. Bring it on!!

Me and da boys will be in the M.O.D about 12- 12.30 depending on the M6. Not staying up this time, but would probably like to re-visit Beer Huis before the game.

M.O.D? Is that where they sell CB’s? Maybe point Ralph in that direction!!

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The short-legged Tyke and myself will be viewing on the telebox from … Australia !

Just 6 sleeps to go :australia::airplane::kangaroo:


Which 2 nights don’t you bother with sleep?

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'Til we fly out … doh !

By the time you’ve landed the match will be over :+1:t2:

And don’t forget your 10 hours ahead of us so don’t give the result away please

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Going for a saints win 1-3


Only 5 more sleeps! Where in Oz will you be, you probably know but there are a few groups of Ozzie Saints that get up / stay up till stupid o clock to watch Saints!!


We leave tomorrow at 11am and “do” Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane and Melbourne. We’ve got friends in Melbourne who will also see us in Darwin. Only 1 sleep …

You been before? How long you going for?

It’s a great place to visit IF you have the time to travel and take it in. It’s huge.

Lived there for a year a long while back and my daughter is on a working holiday out there now. Not sure she’s coming back TBH.


Cairns will be your favourite

PS glad we now know where young Harvey’s sponsorship money ended up.

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Yes, this is our 7th time of going. Nearly moved out there a few years back. We love it. First time on the Reef for Harvey. Felt like we had to do it before it’s gone for good. We’ll be gone 3 weeks … see you all in September :astonished:


Coming to Adelaide?

Unfortunately not this time. Adelaide is a ghost to be exorcised … last time we were there we found out Helen’s dad had died back home. Only then do you realise how far 10,000 miles is … Lovely city though and need to go back and do it justice.

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Sorry to hear that. Adelaide is a funny place. Most Australians think it’s the ass end of the world but I love it here. If you ever make it back, we shall have a beer and discuss life, the universe and everything


Right. We are five days away from a game of Premier League football. Who else is excited?

We face Sean Dyche, his team and the twelfth man, Dyche’s disc-beard which has famously been pointed out and sung about by Bob Mortimer on Athetico Mince.

We’ve played pretty well in pre-season. Are we going to break the habit of what seems like a lifetime and snag three points on the opening day?

This smells like a draw to me.

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