:pl: :burnleyfc: Burnley v Saints :saints:


I reckon we could get off to a winning start. 1-2.

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Blinded by your jingoism, Burnley are going to rip us a new one.

Poll to be created soon…

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Opening game of the season.
Eric is going
Nailed on dull 2-0 defeat defensive lapses, meltdown meter hits 150% & Baz takes another few days off.
But he’s not wrong
Oh, and we’ll all be struggling for wonky streams


I wont it is on Astrosport 2 in Malaysia and the South China Sea :grinning:

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God bless Optus Sports. Dedicated app/streaming service for the EPL. Every game live!


Oh really :man_shrugging:

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“Are we going to break the habit”…

Yes, we will win the league just like Che predicted!!


Oi!! I was at Coventry in The Dave Jones era for one of our rare opening day wins!!

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I am horrified that you actually can remember going to an Away game :beer::beer::beer::innocent:

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poll added to the OP


Wasn’t that the first game in their new ground? I was there too.


No this was in 1999 at Highfield Road. Egil Ostenstadt scored in our 1-0 win. It was our 1st opening day win since 88/89 and the next after it was in 11/12 when we smashed Leeds in our rapid rise back to the prem.

1 win in 22 seasons on opening day!! THe run has got much better with only WBA SRL 90th min pen since Leeds. That makes 3 wins in 30 seasons.


Lawro’s back and wrong again which bodes well for our first game of the season.
Burnley v Southampton

Neither of these teams have done too much transfer business over the summer, although Burnley will be boosted by their deadline-day signing of Danny Drinkwater.

Burnley were affected by the Europa League at the start of last season but I am expecting them to be a lot more like their usual selves straight away this time.

Southampton will be up against their former striker Jay Rodriguez, who rejoined the Clarets from West Brom in the summer, and I don’t think they will have an easy afternoon.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-1

Helen’s prediction: 0-1

Jo’s prediction: 1-0


Lawro is a fucking knob though, he thinks Danny Drinkwater who hasn’t played a season of football for 3 years is going be influential, he doesn’t even talk about Southampton’s signings clearly a bias cunt.


Welcome @bigmanmarkus, anyone whose first 5 words posted on Sotonians were…

Lawro is a fucking knob

…should fit in well here.


And signing off with ‘clearly a bias cunt’ as well. Quality from the top drawer.


And, I’m assuming here, before he’s even posted on the “I’m pissed” thread

Welcome @bigmanmarkus :+1:

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Are we not going to acknowledge the kiss of death regarding the now inevitable Drinkwater deflected 90th minute winner?


Don’t you think we’re missing a trick here…where’s The Sotonian’s in-depth Match Pack.

Features on Saint’s Players who are content to Bench Warm whilst seeing their contracts out, Baz’s in-depth exposition why Liverhampton will win the Premier League again this season, why the Chinese take-over of the club will in all likelihood see the club liquidated by the end of the century. Plus a 5p off voucher at The Boookshop for any Craft IPA and a 10p voucher on any deep fat fried reconstituted meat product bought from a wheeled trailer on the way to the ground.

Just a suggestion.