British and Irish Lions


No one else into rugby? Regardless of sporting affiliations this is a BIG DEAL!!

Still, off to an underwhelming start against a team of pretty much fringe players that the Lions were expected to beat far more comfortably than 13-7.

Unlike the last tour of Australia (where the midweek provincial teams were deliberately ‘weakened’) every game in New Zealand will be a war. Looking forward to it. Anyone else?


Never been to fussed with lions tours but will watch the games that i can due to them being played at a reasonabltime of day for me :lou_lol:


So, a bunch of hairy blokes chasing an egg around and occasionally shoving their heads between each others legs every now and again

What’s not to like?



I blagged a total out of no where surprise freebie from BA back when they were an airline. Biz class to London coach to Cardiff & saw Lions play Argentina (SCW)

I have NO other memory of that trip except the hangover.

Love the Lions

I think


Oh dear, oh dear.

If anyone thought there might be some weaknesses in the NZ’s game, they were sadly mistaken. The Lion’s have had a pretty good tour so far but now, where it matters, it’s like men against boys :lou_facepalm_2:


They need a Maginot line in their defense…


Jeez, the All Blacks are giving a masterclass in total rugby. Compared to them, the Lions just look ponderous


Blimey, what a try by the Lions

course, missed the conversion

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Not a big rugby fan, but have loads of peanut chasing mates, and I cheered at the TV for that try.

I think I’ve been infected.

I feel dirty.

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All over. The Lions won’t recover from this.


And just like said line the All Blacks have gone around the end of it.


Where do they keep finding these players?


Apparently, they play tag rugby up to 13 and everyone is encouraged to pass the ball all the time.

There were hardly any scrums in the first half - they just keep moving the ball all the time. Hardly any breakdowns for the all blacks. Contrast that with the Lions going from slow, ponderous breakdown to slow, ponderous breakdown.

Thing is, the Lions didn’t play badly and would probably beat any other team in the world - it’s just that NZ play a different kind of rugby.

Before this match, there was talk of how the Lions should slow the pace down and control the game. That’ll never work against the All Blacks - teams will only beat them when they outplay them, which means being faster and as irrepressible as them. Their fitness, passing out of tackles, ability to move the ball, change the point of contact continuously, these are what have made them, for the last 15+ years almost unbeatable.

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2nd test is underway a couple of minutes gone and no score

  1. MIns gone and its 3-3

All blacks been given a red card on 24 mins so could be looking good for the lions.

Sonny Bill Williams has gone


So, can the Lion beat 14 All Blacks?

If I’m honest, I think not :lou_sad:


Half time 9 - 9 which is much better than the first test.


Betfair think we can my 50 sobs has doubled if I cash out now


If we ever had a chance handed to us on a plate, this is it. Weather conditions, 14 men, northern hemisphere ref…

if the lions don’t win, it’ll be a disaster. Really, we need to win to make the last match interesting.

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