British and Irish Lions

British and Irish Lions


Yep, lack of mental strength. Panicking under pressure

edit: the Lions, that is


15-9 to the all blacks afer 54 mins luckily I have already cashed out for a profit


Good for you

this is just depressing


And as I say that, Murray scores


I still can’t see us winning.


21 all with 6 mins left


Vunipola getting sin binned probably helped. Gave away a shed load of penalties


Penalty scored by the lions 21 -24


Commentators curse strikes again :lou_lol:


Only the third time the All Blacks have lost at Wellington


Well that was a turn up for the books

cashed out when I didn’t need to but still got a profit

money will be on the all blacks in the decider.


B&IL: have to improve their discipline if they want to win the series, so dominant with the ball today but they gave away far too many penalties.

Good job the NZ kicker had his running boots on…


He didn’t miss a thing with the boot last week.

Also, can’t rely on those conditions. If the weather is good, the All Blacks will brush the Lions aside. Not only do we need to improve discipline but also update the intensity.

Lap of honour at the end (given they were against 14 men and the margin was so close) was frankly embarrassing.


Hardly. Given they won’t be playing as the Lions again in that stadium for at least 12 years and the fact that 2/3 of the crowd were Lions’ fans seemed fitting to me.

Anyway, can’t wait for next week - Lions will need to up their game again (cutting out stupid penalties would be a start) but at least they’re still in it.


Not looking good for the Lions but not really unexpected


And as I am offshore forgot to put the Money I won Last week on the All Blacks to win this game.


Amazing really, that the Lions are still in with a shout at half time, given the dominance of the All Blacks


Blimey, blimey blimey!!

12-12. Will the All Blacks bottle it?


Will the Lions Bottle it you mean as the away team a drawn series is as good as a win in my opinion.


Farrell certainly didn’t bottle it there


fuck, penalty to NZ?