:gov: Britain's Next Prime Minister


This is why I’m worried about McVey. She looks like Pamela Anderson in that company.

I’m pretty sure Pamela Anderson would be a better PM than any of them too.


Worries over @pap . She has gone -so has leadsome

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Not only that, but Esther McVey finished bottom of the pile, so in one sense at least it’s ten out of ten .

Looking at it another way, she’s got no mates. There were only 30 votes distributed between the last three candidates.

Wonder how many she got?


Much has been made of the fact that this is a secret ballot. Just been reading that phones have had to be banned from the committee room where it was taking place because of aggressive whipping from ‘Team Boris’. They were demanding photos of ballot papers to prove that alleged Boris supporters actually voted for him. These people just can’t help themselves, they couldn’t lie straight in bed.


9 , leadsome got 11 and Harper 10

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:joy: He has got an eggy head to be fair

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I have just realised who Boris’ cheerleader in chief and likely to be 2nd in command is

That cunt Gavin “leaker” Williamson

We will end up with Johnson / Williamson on one side and Corbyn / McDonnell on the other

“Cunts to the left of me, cunts to the right. In to the valley of death…”


will be a cunt.

The end.


Richard Birtain was a formidable actor, a true great.


Hancock has had his half hour.



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Finger on the pulse?


Nope - don’t profess to be. Just noticed it that’s all.


Noticed it 2 days ago. Could probably edit it. But feel it is about right really.

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Sorted. Thank you.

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This is brilliant- the best thing said about the Tory PM selection car crash…